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Thread: Chapter 205

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    Default Chapter 205

    Chapter 205 is now available at Franky House. That was fast. It's obviously a speed-scanlation, with all that implies, so if you don't like speed-scans you might want to wait next week for AQS's version.

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    All of you Eva's fans out there, rejoice! Negi-kun has finally made his choice and confessed. Fufufu, this manga gets more excitinig with every chapter! Man, I just can't get enough!

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    I was quite surprised with the way things turned out, and frankly I am quite excited in the direction that this story is going.

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    WEEEEE... I always liked Eva-chan ^^ The only character I would love Negi to pair with is Chisame Hasegawa ^^ I wonder what happens next I'm so excited.

    Hmm... I guess I'll be seeing a gothic negi soon ^^

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    eh, too bad most people like a honya and negi or asuna and negi. i don't really like chisame that much but whatever. interesting chapter i thought it was funny when they asked honya where she learned to sense traps and she say club activities.

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    Thats almost like a higurashi response. Getting to see an evil Negi soon, so thats something awesome to look forward to.

    If something is free and available, people are going to take it. That's a fact of life, and no amount of guilt and blame will change that.

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    Evil Negi? I have two words to say about this - not happening.
    Well I admit it would be great if Negi started to fight like he did against that masaked man with a evil grin on his face but he`s still a pure child and if he suddenly starts acting like satan himself it wont cope well with his pacifist nature.I say yay for recklessness and badassery and nay for evil psycho ;p
    X Japan forever

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    I know i sound selfish, but i wished they skipped the training bit and get on with owning that shadow bastard with some dark magic!! We all know kanka is the ultimate art, so Negi obtaining this new skill would be interesting. Especially seeing he is the main character.

    I bet his new spells consist of dark lightning and shadow arrows... not to mention the legendary dark SNEEZE!! Damn no choke slam for me... any spectulations for Negi's ultimate finishing move? Surely it cant be ETERNAL NEGI FEVER!!?

    I was thinking something along the lines of using shadow to pull his enemies into the darkness where he transforms into a giant black ugly thing to own em. Or Demi which is shown in alot of Final Fantasy games, it causes some darkness to compress the enemies for an instant. Dark Blade sounds cool too, like the incomplete one he used against the shadow user... pls giv in any thoughts.

    Btw, punches and kicks as moves are old school. I hope Ken gives him something unique... without making him look like an idiot. Idiocy dont match with darkness.
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    OMG i love that chapter \(^^)/
    and that scene with nodoka felt like final fantasy.

    I guess now the manga will need more black ink lol. I never minded the training part. In fact, concerning negima, i want to see their everyday life, not skipping a single part of it. Hmm this shows how much i love this manga
    For negi power, i think the first things we'll see are faster negi, stronger negi, more resistant negi, harder punches negi. At least at first. And maybe the black arrows like tfs mentioned. Then the for the big finishing spell, something not too big so that it can target only 1 person, in this case, fate, and deal massive damage. Unless Ken goes all out and makes negi do something like the megaflare in final fantasy?

    By the way, did anyone notice the mistake in the drawing of eva when she appears, crossed-leg? take a look at her foot, you'll notice that it's inverted... there was also a mistake in the last chapter, concerning the drawing of the 2nd frame where you see chisame bathing. If you examine her waist, you'll notice it's way too long and thin...

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    Where? To concentrate reading the manga rather than the drawing.


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