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    There are eight members of the Crimson Wing. Seven of the eight members have introduce in the series. The only member who has not been introduced is the mystery member.

    THe Kid serves as my nickname for the mystery member of the Crimson Wing. He is the seventh member, He is first seen in the picture of the Crimson Wing in Ch.129. He is seen with Al and considered to be one of the others by Jack Racan. The Kid is a mystery.

    Some fans have concluded that the Kid is a younger Fate. I do respect their conclusions, Oddly in the Ch. 129 picture which the Kid is in, he has what seems to be a dimple or birthmark on his left cheek. He has two dimples on his face in the Ch. 202 picture.

    Fate and the Kid do look a lot like. Both have the same hairstyles. Yet, we can see the kid's left ear in the Ch.129 picture. The kid is another person who looks like a young male mage-in-traing tagging along with his idols. In reality, the Kid was a very important member of the Crimson Wing.

    The main role for the Kid seems to be that of an intelligence officer. The Kid's role as the Crimson Wing's intelligence officer can explain why he was in Asuna's flashback of the Battle of Ostia in Ch. 169. In order to fool the enemy well, the Kid had to be a master of disguise and a very good bard.

    The Kid is able to use his age and size to his advantage. At first, he looks like another young mage-in-training tagging along with his idols. Yet, he is likely a young ninja-type mage for his age. Since the Kid looks a lot like Nagi, he will often will disguise himself as Nagi to the point of completely fooling the enemy. The Kid will have to dye his hair, and cover himself with makeup to cover his dimples.

    Now we can assume that the Kid was the intelligence officer of the Crimson Wing. He had to be a highly talented actor and bard. By working as a bard, he will be able to enter into some enemy camps.

    Here comes the most difficult part of the Kid. Most of this ideal is based on the possiblity the Kid is a tomboy. As a tomboy, the kid has one more advantage to take advantage of. He can easily dress up as a freelance female bard around his age. Dressing as a young male mage-in-training can be useful.

    Unfortunately, all tomboys are young female with some masculine traits. Being the only female member of the Crimson Wing will have some problems for the Kid. The Kid will have to bath separately from the other members. The biggest problem for the Kid as a tomboy will have to be is falling for one of the male members of the Crimson Wing. Since the young Takamachi was very close to his master Gateau and a very good friend of the Kid's, the only male member who the Kid would fall in live with is Nagi.

    While the kid has not been introduce fully by Ken, he still remains a mystery. We can assumed that the Kid's role for the Crimson Wing was likely Intelligence officer. He is definately a master of disguise. He does look like a young male mage-in-training tagging along with his idols.

    This reply is about the Kid. The Kid is likely not a younger Fate. In the Ch. 129 picture of the Crimson Wing, the Kid is the person in front of Nagi. The Kid has a mark on his left cheek. In the Ch. 202 picture of the Kid and Al, the Kid has a mark on his right cheek as well as a mark on his left cheek. I came to call the two cheek marks on the Kid's face as dimples.

    I did overdone it on the description of the Kid's main role. Remember, only Ken knows who the Kid really is. He is playfully teasing us over the Kid's true identity. I am beginning to suspect that the Kid is related to Negi. One clue involves Chao. Chao has two dimples.

    Let's assumed that Ken is planning to introduce the Kid. The Kid's role as the Crimson Wing 's intelligence agent is one possible facet of the Kid's true idnetity.

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