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Thread: Negi's family

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    Default Negi's family

    I am just curious about Negi's family. His family are still very important.
    We only know a few members of Negi's family have appeared in the series.

    He does have one Grandfather. He is the one who had given Negi the magic items which he used to make the love potion in Ch. One. The person who is Negi's first grandfather must be the Magus. After the Demon raid on Negi's home village, Negi and his cousin were to sent to live with one of their relatives as it often the custom.

    Negi's father Nagi have been seen in flashbacks, and as an illusion during Negi's and Al's fight. Negi is searching for his father.

    The third relative of Negi's to appear is his cousin Nekane Springfield. The fourth relative of Negi's to appear is Nekane's father, and his Uncle. He is seen only in the flashback of the Demon Raid. Negi's Uncle has been pertified. He is likely Nagi's older brother, and one of the leaders of Negi's home village.

    We can conclude that one of Negi's grandmothers is deceased. The Magus does have a second Ministra who is likely Negi's step-grandmother. The Magus's second Minstra is shown to be Donet McGuiness when Negi explain to Asuna about partners. Donet is likely the Magus's second Ministra, and his representive to the Magic World.

    Three more members of Negi's have not make their appearances. These three family members are Negi's two other grandparents and his Mother. It is very odd for Ken not to disclosed any informtion on Negi's mother and second grandparents in the series so far. These three are still important in Negi's life.

    Some of Negi's fans assumed that Negi's mother is deceased. Other fans including me assumed that Negi's mother is still alive. It is likely that Ken is waiting for the right moment to disclose what happen to Negi's mother and her parents.

    Negi does have other relatives. Ken is limiting the focus to a few members of Negi's family. It is likely that one family member from the family of Negi's mother will appear during the Wales/Magic World Arc. I can assume that the family of Negi's mother are residing in the Magic World. I can assumed that the family of Negi's mother are a very powerful family of Magi like the Springfield family.

    I want to hear about your view on Negi's family. It does seem that Ken is very careful on how he will disclose more information on Negi's family.

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    Negi's mom is what Nagi likes to call Pactio 487. And with that, I infer Negi has has probably... 20-30 half siblings?

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    very complicated

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    Get a GPS and look for me there...


    so complicated it hurts to think about it... D:

    and his siblings look more like a thousand or something since Nagi has pactio 1001... lol...




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