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    Unhappy Latin translation in Negima

    I am a serious fan of Negima, yet when I was reading it I realized that the Latin translation (I don't know if the author wrote the Latin and then it got translated into english, or that he wrote it in Japanese and then got translated into Latin) was all INCORRECT!!!. The longest Lating passage that I noticed was in Chapter 11 where Negi restores the Vitality of his students so that they can take the test easily and he recited the incantation in Latin.... and it was all INCORRECT!!!.


    For a Latin translation of: O Wind, Carry the Fragrance of flowers unto my Friends, and restore their vitality.

    (incorrect) translation of the text by the translator: Fragaras Lantia Floris, Meis Amicus Vicolum Vita Ritatem Auram Salte Rem.

    (correct) translation: Vente, Ordor Florum Porta Ad Meos Amicos, Et Eorum Vires Restitue.

    I guess the translator's translation sounds cooler (some of those latin words don't even exist), but I think the readers (like me who actually understand and learn latin) a correct translation will be more meaningful and appreciative. If its not too much trouble, I urge the translator to please translate the Latin correctly for those few readers like me and the readers to look out for those incorrect translations.
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    mm not gonna say much, but the group translating the earlier chaps you referring to is pretty much dead.
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    you might have better luck complaining there. they're the current team that scanlates negima.

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    Who gives a shit about the translation? It sounds fancy and professional, let it be.

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    If you want a correct translation, go to "Latīnitās Negimāria" site.

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    what is wrong with asking for some real translations?

    personaly I don't care much about the latin words, but If you don't know hack shit about a lenguage better not try to sing in it or you may piss off some people

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for more accurate translations, but you have to consider if you realize it's wrong it's probably because you are more fluent than the person who translated it. So if you really want to get your more accurate translations go to Aquastar and offer your services.
    Although I would bet on a Japanese to Latin to English translation stream. How many Latin translators do you expect to get in Japanese-admiring, fan based, scanulation groups

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    Its rare to find Latin translators in any language since Latin is pretty much dead (language). I don't blame those past translators who wish to concerntrate on releasing MSN rather than sniffing out a Latin translator willing to work for free. If you love to maintain the latin translation intergrity, I wouldn't object to you applying to help AQS with future latin translations.
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    I see 2 possibilities.
    1. The latin in the raws is written in katakana/hiragana (or even in latin) and AQS are just translating into romanji, and using an online translator to try and translate it. This would mean that its the author's fault for using bad Latin and partly the translation site's fault for being unreliable.
    2. The spells are written in Japanese in the manga and AQS are just trying to be clever by using latin and just really messing it up.

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    i'm italian (sorry for my english) and i studied for 5 years latin (liceo scientifico) and i can tell you that both the form in latin of the enchantments and the english translation are wrong. The same for the form presented by Isaacyoun, (this is obviously not a critic to isaacyoun).
    The most difficult thing in latin is to translate from a modern language to it and very often are committed a lot of errors, both because the form was incorrect and because the grammar was (in fact even if you believe the grammar was correct you may create an abominic form, something that cicero or catullo never would have said).
    Just it's very difficult for an italian student as me (italian is the most similar language, it's a neo-latin language and the words are often the same, but the phrase-grammar is very different) you have to image how difficult could it be for a japanese. So are not strange that you could notice same of these errors.
    In negima words are not declinated, are all in the nominative form or in an incorrect casus or incorrect casi's concordance, and a lot of them are similar to the correct one but they aren't:
    example: in chapter 159, page 6 you can see this spell casted by chao: "evocatio spiritualis de undetriginta salamandris lanciferis". one of the possible correct forms could it be this:
    "undetrigintarum salamandrium astaferarum evocatio spiritual"
    words here used are undetriginta,ae that means 31; salamander,dris that means salamander, lizard or reptile; astaferus,a,um that means lance bringer (lancia is an italian term not a latin one, in classic rome the refer for a lance would have been asta,ae), because the evocation is: spiritual evocation of 31 lance-bringer salamanders so a correct translation could be the one i reported. evocatio spiritualis means evocation of of spirit (and it's obviously not correct it's a reply), de undertriginta is an abuse of an ablative form, but in this case it's not correct because the "complemento numerale" doesn't want ablative but genitive; and salamandris and lanciferis are not "concordanti" in casus (salamandris is singular ablative and 31 is plural; lanciferis doesn't exist as a latin word, but as a possible composite form from ferus,a,um then lanciferis would be plural accusative or ablative ...)

    but not for this mahou sensei negima lose it's charm

    i'am also in accord with 98abaile, the consideration i made are only based on AQS translation.
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