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    Default where does anime leave off in manga?

    I'm just curious since i watched the anime first. I would like to just see where the anime left off in the manga in terms of chapters.

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    You are better off starting the manga from the beginning.

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    There are 2 anime series.

    The first series by Xebec offers some good stories that are not found in the manga as well as the Eva and Kyoto arc. After which the series goes off a tangent into a haphazard and rushed ending. Although the story leading to the end of the series has a good buildup, it failed at the climax. In terms of the main storyline, it stops at the Kyoto arc.

    The second series is by SHAFT. Good art and fancy directing, but failed in terms of story content. The start of the series puts the Eva arc in a blender and turns it into a presentable smoothie quite different from what you put in the first place, but nonetheless palatable. After that it goes off a tangent and absolutely haywire into something only children of mentality around 10 can enjoy. It hardly follows the manga after the Eva arc.

    In terms of content, the manga has too much to offer that neither animation can do it justice. However the first series is the most loyal. I would advise that you watch the first anime and give the second a miss, just so you can hear the seiyuus behind the characters because the casting for the seiyuus (voice actors) are very well done. Through their interpretation of how the characters sound like, it adds a lot of depth to the story.

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    just read the manga

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    With all due respect.

    There is no "2nd series" XEBEC did Mahou Sensei Negima as Shaft did Negima!? and Negima!? is a retelling (and so the ?) with Shaft doing their own thing ... it was never meant to be Mahou Sensei Negima.

    I think people were expecting to be it since XEBEC did a awful job.

    As said, read the manga from the start since you cannot use the anime as a shortcut.

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    "contains a little bit if spoiler"

    shaft = much better artwork, completely off the manga storyline , changes on some of the personality and physical form... 3 pactio card ? (focused on another stuff) i think someone make an alternate series called negima neo, which almost the same as this series... (i dont know if its a hoax or not)

    xebec = awful artwork, slightly off the manga storyline, almost the same personality as the manga with slightly changed physical form (notice the unusual height of narutaki's)... 1 pactio card (focused more on asuna in the end)

    somehow i prefer the ova series... (haru & natsu) i think its the closest one to the manga series... but everyone said is true, read the manga first, then you can watch the anime, since both of them are almost 3 different series (the manga, and the 2 anime)...




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