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    Default the 9 lowest (173 spoiler)

    we only saw the lowest 9 on the list of who love Negi the most, but this is still a huge revelation in my book.

    So you don't have to look it up, I will copy it here to the best of my ability:

    Chachamaru (highest of the lowest)
    ?-hane (the lowest)

    Firstly, who is the lowest person? I can't figure it out.

    Are any of these surprises to you?

    My thoughts:
    Evangeline not making the bottom 9 forces me to re-evaluate my thoughts on her. In fact, though many of these make sense, I don't think they were confirmed until this point.

    Chachamaru is interesting in that I would not have put her so high on the list. I need to re-evaluate that one too.

    I also expected more of the twelve people I know the least about to be on the list.

    I certainly freaked out when I saw "-una" and thought it was "Asuna". I know her heart is elsewhere, but I didn't think there was a chance of her being so low.

    Its chapters like this that make we want to start over and read from the beginning again. I can't wait to hear what others of you think.

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    It's assumed that the list is only of the people currently in the resort if not within the vicinity of Kamo.

    Chachamaru has actually had more "awkward" moments with Negi than everyone below her so I think her placement is correct.

    Either Eva somehow hides her feelings from Kamo's abilities or she's above Chachamaru (which I can't believe to be the case).

    The lowest person? There's a lot of speculation and some fan comics revolving around it. Who knows...

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    Or maybe Kamo didn't put Eva in on the list knowing that she'll skin him alive if she finds out she was on it (and she probably will find out this being her place). The others don't have the evil intent to do mor than bruise that little animal.

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    Chamo said his abilites dont work on Eva back in Period 87 when he was teasing Yue.




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