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    Default Akamatsu patterns

    So yeah, just finished reading volume 13 of negima where the top four competetors in the tournament are decided, (sorry I don't read spoilers) anyway, what I noticed was that setsuna went through the same exact decision as motoko did in love hina, where she chose love or the sword...

    quite frankly, it is like a pattern on love hina in negima...I wonder if Akamatsu is working backwards somehow?
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    Actually, love hina's story started as a joke. The original setting for hina is alot like AI love, where naru is a amnesia ditz and Kei is a Todai student who's been passed down the familly inn as some sort of test........

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    Might be a coincidence. It can also be that Akamatsu draws some source material for Negima from his previous works(like character designs or situations).

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    eh, i really don't care if he rehashes some ideas out again, it's still an awesome manga but there does seem to be a lot of cameos.

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    You have to remember, they are similar characters, especially considering they both have the same Art and a similar move set.

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    yup, they are similar..

    i'm new to mahou sensei negima

    i've read love hina and ai .... (what? i forgot..) and i kinda dislike the way akamatsu tells the story. too many unnecessary chapter, i think. and too many unimportant ecchi scene, absolutely.

    but when i read negima, looks like akamatsu do better than before. he (or she?) can make up better story, although the ecchi scene still abundant. i kinda like this!

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    Akamatsu deliberately gave the same signature moves to Setsuna. If you read carefully, you'll note that Setsuna uses the same sword style as Motoko. And I'm not sure, but there might be a passing mention of either in one of the mangas, or one of Motoko's relatives...

    Akamatsu's making a move at a serious manga, so he's pulling background from his earlier work/s.




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