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We cannot really complain about it, it's just like there are different versions of MSN manga already (with the permission of Ken Akamatsu of course), it's the same as in anime, just enjoy, but that of course doesn't mean that we shouldn't be hoping for a MSN anime that really sticks to the manga (with better graphics of course).

With the MSN manga we know, it could go easily pass 80-100eps with the 165 chapters that we have now (it's not finish yet! ). For the average chapters contain 15-20 pages and its full of readable conversations (I'm also reading Naruto manga, and compare the number of conversations, it only has about 20% compare to MSN, full of fighting scenes but no talk, MSN is also full of fight scenes but somehow has done a fine job integrating worthy conversations with it), also there are some chapters that is 30-50pages long.
So basically, all we can do is Hope that someday some anime company would make an anime that would stick to the Manga fully, Ken Akamatsu really out did himself on the manga but somehow the anime based on his creation just plain suck. Hopefully they would make a Mahou Sensei Negima Anime that is fully based on the manga in the near future.