Even tho this is posted in the announcement section where you guys should be checking up, I'm gonna post the updated forum rules here. Abide by them everywhere you go here. I dont wanna see you guys banned for breaking them.

Here are our Updated Rules everyone.

Search before you ask something
2. No Spamming. Donít curse, be polite.
3. Do not request manga series to be added to this site.
4. Warn before posting spoilers
5. Do not PM Administrators/Moderators about download issues.
6. No Offensive pictures/flash/gifs/links or any form of media that would be bad
7. No Double posting
8. Don't create multiple threads of the same thing.
9. No Off Topic posts. If possible, don't stray away from the topic (if there even is a discernable topic) because splitting topics is a pain in the ass. I do not like deleting posts but I may have to resort to if there would be an outpouring of posts.
10. Don't post things in the wrong section. This is not the place to talk about which mangas are good nor is it a place to request for downloads. There are other rooms for that.
11. Don't make a thread as a complaint. Message the moderators/poster involved first. If you think a thread or post has been deleted or locked unfairly, I would prefer you to complain to Jyuu, cpr, or kaze as it would prevent much pain on our part. Any thread like "Please unlock <insert title>" will be deleted. No warnings.
Don't make useless posts. They will be deleted. (Smilies and less than 4 words long). Only in rare instances, i.e. when they are funny or don't suck will they not be deleted.
Addendum: Useless posts involve the following
a. almost always small posts of 4 words or less
b. Repeated Smiley posts
c. Redundant posts.
Do not under any circumstances post under topics that should not be here. It only encourages them to do the same. People who do post under those topics will be warned. Second time, some of their posts will be missing.
Do not have large signatures. Have moderate size signatures that do not expand the page excessively. This includes both width and height. The limit is 650 X 200 and is punishable by 1 month ban.
Don't necro old threads without adding something new to it. Necroing is acceptable ONLY if you have something interesting or new to add. Necroing with a *bump* or *grave dig* is unacceptable and will result in either the deletion of the necroed thread or will result in its locking.
Don't quote pictures. It's redundant and it makes posts unnecessarily huge

-The Moderating Team