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    Default Negima!? Anime Translations

    Well....... i'm bored. So i'll be translating the series as a past time. Anyway, here's the translation by me.

    Ep 2

    Magister apprentice Negi Springfield has become a teacher at Mahora gakuen's girl's junior high for his training, at the same time vampire incident happened in school.
    And then, on the night of full moon a female vampire has appeared before negi.

    FemVamp: I've been waiting for this day. Negi Springfield, the son of Thousand Master!!!

    What is her true identite and what is her pourpose.......!?

    [Are you kidding, alter pactio have to do that!?] By Asuna #02

    Negi: Return nodokasan!

    FemVamp: Fine, she is used up already.

    Negi: Tera amarista!

    Nodoka: Negi sensei....

    FemVamp: You are kind, kid.

    FemVamp: Think you can over come me after i've been recharged with the girl's essence!?

    Kamo: Aniki!!!

    Negi: Yaaaa!!!

    FemVamp: Aaaaaa!!!

    FemVamp: How can a body that small have that kind power...... i see, it's because it's that guy's son.....

    Negi: What are you?

    Negi: Ah! Waiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!

    Ku: Where is the noise come from!?

    Setsuna: It's coming from the front yard!

    Ku: Negi bouze!

    Setsuna: Konokaojosama!

    Setsuna: Ojosama!!!

    Konoka: Ahhhh.......Huh..... Seichan.....?

    Setsuna: Are you ok!?

    Konoka: Ahh.... i don't really know.....

    Setsuna: Ahhhhhh! There's a wound on ojosama's nick!

    Negi: Nodokasan! Nodokasan! Ah.....

    Setsuna: Huh? It's gone...... i'm i just seeing things?

    Konoka: Ah? What?

    Haruna: Nodoka!

    Yue: Nodoka, hangin there!

    Negi: Nodokasan! What a relief, it's ok now.

    Nodoka: Nnnnn....... haaaa......

    Negi: I can't see because her hair was in the way, but Nodokasan have a very cute face.

    Nodoka: N.... Negisensei's face is soo close..... wa... what should i do?

    Yue&Haruna: Hohooo~~

    Kamo: Aaaa~~ That was scary. But aniki, arn't it fortunate that those two didn't see you use magic?

    Negi: Ah....yeah.

    Negi: Ei? A.....Asunasan!

    Asuna: Hmmm...... I seen it.

    Negi: Eeeiiiii......

    Asuna: MagicUserkun!

    Negi: Oh NUUUUU~~~

    Kamo: Wooo!? For real!?

    Asuna: Ueee!? The mouse spoke!?

    Kamo: Idoit! I'm a ermine not a mouse!

    Asuna: Hmmm... So you used magic on that mouse to allow it to talk.

    Kamo: Wrong! I can talk on my own! And i'm not a mouse! I'm a ermine! A ermine! Take a good look!!!

    Asuna: You are so annoying! You mortor mouth!!!

    Kamo: So..Sorroy.

    Asuna: Huh? What is it?

    Negi: I can't let this go if you have seen me use magic.Asunasan, i'll have to erase you memory!

    Asuna: Memory.....???

    Negi: Nestel, Naski, Makistel.

    Asuna: Ahh!

    Negi: O spirit of time, dance around me to erase the mark of time, existance and dream.... Tera amarista!!!

    Asuna: Ehh!.... eh?

    Negi: Complete! Well Asunasan, what i'm i?

    Asuna: MagicUser.

    Negi: That's Correct! ...... Heeeeiiii!? Waaaht!??

    Kamo: Look's like it's not erased, Aniki.

    Negi: Amarista!!!

    Asuna: EHHH!? Ouuuch!

    Negi: Ahhhh...... what....?

    Kamo: What are you doing aniki?

    Negi: Ah....ahahahahaha....

    Asuna: What the heck are you intend to do!!?

    Negi: Gehh~~ So, SORRY~~!

    Asuna&Negi: GEMUCHI!

    Kamo: This is hopeless....GEMUCHI! Gemuhemuheinoiiiii~~~

    Asuna: Eiiii.... So you are doing Magister training.

    Negi: Yes.

    Kamo: If aniki finesh the training with a pactio partner who is in sync with him in body and soul, then he will become a Elite Magister.

    Asuna: Pactio?

    Negi: Yes. To become a Elite Magister that i'm aiming to be, it is required to have a partner.

    Kamo: Since aniki is not ready for a proper pactio yet, he'll have to do alter pactio.

    Asuna: Alter pactio?

    Kamo: Instead one, you can have multiple Alter pactios!

    Asuna: Hmmm.... So you are just a Magister apprentice.

    Negi: I already graduated the magic school, i'm not a apprentice anymore.

    Asuna: Giggles* A partner that is one in body and soul.....

    Setsuna: Konokaojosama...... i will not let anything like tonight happen again. I have swear on the grave of Sakurazak,I Setsuna will protect ojosama with my life.

    Kamo: How about it aneesan? Want to do a alter pactio?

    Negi: Ka..... Kamokun...

    Asuna: So what do you do to sign a alter pactio?

    Negi: Ah..... That......

    Asuna: En...?

    Kamo: What are you are embaraced about, Aniki?

    Negi: I, I'm not embaraced about it....

    Asuna: What is it? What do you do?

    Kamo: Kiss! Aneesan, you need to kiss!

    Kamo: In magic ralm if you kiss and Pa! You'll end up with a alter pactio! Arn't it easy???

    Asuna: Ohhh so, so that's how....... Em yup! That's easyyyyaaaahhh~~~

    Negi: Uuu... uaaaa!!!

    I'll post the rest tomorrow.

    To fight or not to fight....... someone will always die in the end.

    Sorry, excuse my lack of English: what is "Card Captor Sakura gangbang?" Well, yes I know what "Card Captor Sakura" is, but what is "gangbang?" A gun fight?

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    Negi&Asuna: Ahhhh....aaaaa.....

    Asuna: Aaa....I, I have abusolutlly no interest of becoming you partner!

    Negi: Y....Yes, I understand that! A Magister and it's partner require the two to be one in body and soul, so you must belive it in you heart or it'll be Impossible!

    Asuna: So it's Impossible!

    Negi: Yes! It's Impossible!

    Kamo: Hey, hey! You guys are still just kids....... Comon, be a lil more nicer you two! Since you guys will be living together under the same roof and all.

    Asuna: HAAA!? Together!!?

    Kamo: Listen to mee~~~

    Asuna: WA...... WHAT THE HECK!???!?

    * 0_o......... Sailor moon!?*

    Eva: That negi.....!

    Eva: Ah! When did you get in? Can a teacher just barge into a student's room with out permission?

    Takamichi: You sure are troublesome, Eva. You can't just go out and do those thing even if it's a full moon.

    Eva: It's because i'm a vampire.

    Takamichi: I have already erased the wound of those you have biten, so they won't become you servants.

    Eva: You sure are good at cover up.

    Takamichi: It's my duty, don't do that again or the punishment will be alot more serious.

    Eva: Something like that don't scare me.

    Takamichi: Evageline.

    Eva: I waited for 15 years.....

    Eva: Take this!

    Eva: He cast a spell on me and I have been seal inside this academy by the barrier.

    Takamichi: This is you punishment, Eva.

    Eva: But if i suck that man's...... The son of Thousand Master's blood....!

    Takamichi: That's impossible Eva! I understand how you feel, but i can't allow that!

    Eva: What do you know!? Some one who can walk freely and mature naturally like you can't understand some one like me who have been traped in Hell for entirnity!

    Takamichi: Eva......

    Eva: Get out.....

    Asuna: I need to go deliver news papers.......

    Asuna: Wh..... where do you think you are sleeping!? You are supposed to sleep in the lower bunk! Ahhh! I really shouldn't have allow for him to live with me! You...

    Negi: Odouchan....

    Asuna: He's still a kid...... i'll just save it after he get up.

    Kaede: Mumu...! So the number of casualtys have gone up to 3 de dozaruka.

    Maki: It's real right?

    Konoka: Yeah, but there is no mark or scar left.

    Maki: Oh yeah... my wound is gone too. See?

    Ayaka: There is no vampire incident.The 3 of you were just having the same dream.

    Maki: Incho!

    Yue: Does it look like this?

    Fuka: Is that it? Is it a Chupacabra?

    Konoka: Ahh.... I didn't get a good look becuase it was so fast.

    Nodoka: I don't think it look like this....

    Maki: So it is Dracula!

    Misa&Madoka&Sakuraka: Dracula!

    Haruna: I see..... so there is also Dracula.

    Asuna: So it isn't just Chupacabra, there's Dracula too...... this is pretty big.

    Yue: Are you forseeing something like "Showdown in academy!!! Chupacabra VS Dracula!!!"?

    Misa&Madoka&Sakuraka: Battle!

    Maki: But... Isn't Chupacabra heavy?

    Ayaka: idiots.....

    Negi: Homeroom is starting!

    Ayaka: All rise!

    I'll post the rest later....

    To fight or not to fight....... someone will always die in the end.

    Sorry, excuse my lack of English: what is "Card Captor Sakura gangbang?" Well, yes I know what "Card Captor Sakura" is, but what is "gangbang?" A gun fight?

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    Ayaka: Oh my!

    Negi: Ahh... ahahahaha....

    Ayaka: What happened Negisensei?

    Negi: Ah.... No it's....

    Asuna: Hmph.

    Ayaka: Don't tell me...... that someone hit you!? Who did this to you!? As the class rep i can't tolerate this sort of behavior!

    Chisame: Isn't that has nothing to do with the being the class rep?

    Negi: It's ok inchosan, i just fell down.

    Ayaka: How can you get such a bump by felling down!? But for negisensei to cover for someone like that....

    Chisame: Tsu....

    Ayaka: That's sooo kind!

    Chisame: You damn shotakon woman.......!

    Negi: Well, i'll start the rollcall now....... Hmm? Those two again....

    Yuna: Ah, Eva and Chachamaru? They are always likes this, so don't worry about it.

    Ku: Sabodangeraru!

    Yue: The sentai?

    Hakase: It's sabotage.

    Negi: But even if you say sabotage is ok......

    * Chizunee, what's sabotage? Natsumi*

    * The answer that you are thinking right now is correct. Please be more cofidence about youself. Chizuru*

    Natsumi: What does that mean...

    Annya: Feel so good....

    Annya: Ao? Thankyou Nekanesan.

    Annya: I'll have to say goodbye to this scenary soon.

    Nekane: Lodon is a very nice place, Annya. Doing training is the best!

    Annya: You said that to Negi too!

    Nekane: Oh, did i....

    Annya: I wonder how is Negi doing?

    Nekage: He's fine, i'm sure of it.... Negi.

    Asuna: Nnnnn! Today's finished! I sure studied alot!

    Ayaka: Don't you mean sleept alot?

    Asuna: Ahaha, that too.

    Fuka: Asuna! Wanna play badminton?

    Asuna: Oooh! That sounds good! I'm game!

    Hakase: Ahhhmoou! Why didn't you tell me last night Evasan!?

    Eva: Sorry, i didn't think it's so serious that it can't move anymore.

    Chachamaru: I'm ok, master.

    Hakase: How can you say that with those wounds!? What did you to get beatup like this? Ah...

    Negi: Evasan, Chachamarusan. Nice to met you, i'm the new teacher for class A. Ah, what happend?

    Hakase: Chachamaru has malfunctioned!

    Negi: Eh? Malfunction?

    Hakase: She's broken! See?

    Negi: Ma, Machine!?

    Hakase: What are you suprised about, negisensei..... Haven't you heard that Chachamarusan is a robot made by me?

    Negi: Chachamarusan is a robot!? I thought she is a student.

    Chachamaru: I am a student.

    Chachamaru: Although i'm a robot, i'm also a 2nd year jr.high student.

    Negi: Haa....ah....

    Chachamaru: Is that not ok?

    Negi: Ahh..... Nn, No! I didn't mean....

    Chachamaru: Oh my, looks like something serious.

    Hakase: Ahhhhh! We must hurrey!

    Negi: A robot student..... Mahora gakuen sure is advanced. Ah, wait....

    Negi: Ah! Wait a minute, maybe.....if that's it then that vampire..!

    Takamichi: That's right.

    Negi: Takamichi!

    Chachamaru: My apologies for the trouble.

    Eva: It's nothing.

    Takamichi: Evageline is a vampire. She have been biten by a vampire and turned when she was 10, she has also been cursed at that time.

    Negi: Curse?

    Takamichi: To live a endless life in the body of a child.

    Negi: Eternal youth and life.... then what about the adult look from last night?

    Takamichi: With the power of full moon and adolescent blood, Eva was able to appear as a adult that she dreamed of becoming.

    Negi: You are the one who cured the wound of Nodokasan and others last night, Takamichi.

    Takamichi: No matter what the reason is, there is no excuse for hurting others. That's sin.

    Hakase: Evasan, please pass me that.

    Eva: I don't want to, get it youself.

    Hakase: I can't take my hand off, please hurry.

    Eva: I said i don't want to.

    Eva: Is this it?

    Hakase: Please put on rubber glove before taking it, or you'll get electrocuted.

    Eva: You should tell me that earlier, you idiot.

    Negi: She can't get out of academy grounds?

    Takamichi: Ah, Thousand Master used that kind magic.

    Negi: So it's Father....

    Takamichi: As a punishment for the sins Eva committed as a vampire.....

    Takamichi: She has to live and studie with the students, and start all over again after she graduates.

    Takamichi: Forever and ever.

    Takamichi: I understand why Eva feel attached to Chachamaru. It's because like Eva, Chachamaru also lead a existence without adulthood.

    Hakase: Repair complete.

    Eva: Ah, i see.

    Hakase: Please take care when you are using her, robots are delicate too.

    Eva: I'm glad that you got fixed.

    Negi: Eva san is targeting me?

    Takamichi: Eva want you blood.

    Negi: My blood?

    Takamichi: If she drink you blood, the a descendant of Thousand Master. She can escape from this place.

    Takamichi: Away from this eternal prison to a world of freedom.

    Takamichi: If that is to happen......

    Takamichi: Eva can not be freed!

    Negi: ...... Takamichi.

    Tonight, the female vampire only have one target. It's a cruel joke made by fate, a sad destiny.

    What are you thinking, negi? What well be the outcome??? Will you survive??? Wait till next time.....

    Next time
    [ Hooo-, so that's how you use a alter pactio card.] By Eva

    To fight or not to fight....... someone will always die in the end.

    Sorry, excuse my lack of English: what is "Card Captor Sakura gangbang?" Well, yes I know what "Card Captor Sakura" is, but what is "gangbang?" A gun fight?

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    Negi, who now know the sad past of the female vampire and the fact that the magic cast on her can be broken and she will be able to go free if she drink his blood.

    Takamichi: Eva can not be freed!

    Negi: ...... Takamichi.

    What are you thinking, negi?

    Ya sure is laxed, Kamo.

    [ Hooo-, so that's how you use a provisional pactio card.] By Eva

    Eva: Don't mock me, Takamichi!

    Takamichi: So you've come, Evageline.

    Takamichi: I won't let you go near Negi.

    Eva: You opponent won't be me.

    Eva: Didn't i tell you that it's dangerous to get attached to you students.

    Kazumi: Takahatasensei.

    Takamichi: Don't, hey!

    Chizuru: That's entirely up to us.

    Natsumi: I'll just throw away that ring.

    Takamichi: Don't! Return that to me!

    Eva: I don't mind if you enjoy you self a little, sensei.

    Takamichi: What sort of nonsense are you babbling about!

    Takamichi: Negikun!

    Negi: Please release inchosan and others.

    Eva: ....In exchange for you blood.

    Takamichi: Don't worry, vampire's magic powers will disappear naturally when day comes.

    Eva: Shut up, Takamichi!

    Takamichi: Run away, run away Negikun!

    Eva: You won't get away!

    Takamichi: Negikun...

    Konoka: Ohhhh, I come here beacuse Asuna said it's a emergency.....

    Asuna: It is a emergency that this is on sale at second hand store!

    Asuna: "Zombie rider" mint condition copy, i brought it! I'm sooo happy!!!

    Setsuna: What do you mean you brought it? The one who paid for it is Konokaojusama!

    Asuna: I'll pay her back next month.

    Setsuna: To spent so much on something like that, what if you go over you budget?

    Asuna: Have Konoka played it before? It's sooooo addicting!

    I'll post the rest later....

    To fight or not to fight....... someone will always die in the end.

    Sorry, excuse my lack of English: what is "Card Captor Sakura gangbang?" Well, yes I know what "Card Captor Sakura" is, but what is "gangbang?" A gun fight?

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    Konoka: I'm not really interested in that sort...

    Setsuna: Listen! What if you cause damage to Konokaojusama's finacials for that sort of thing?! Asunasan, are you able to take response-

    Asuna: Once you reach the final form "Master of zombie" you can use up to 108 different sort of weapons!

    Konoka: Even if you told me that....

    Setsuna: Listeeeeeeeen....... TO ME!!!!

    Asuna: Ah... Negi!

    Konoka: Oh? Negikun? Where?

    Asuna: Ah no not that! I just remembered that i forgot to buy negi ( leek ), i'll just go buy it. You guys can go back with out me. Ah! It's ok if you play it.

    Konoka: Ah wai- Asuna! Ooooh, don't even give other people a chance to replie....... Hmmm? But why would Asuna need leek if she don't even cook? Right, Seichan?

    Setsuna: Huuuuuuh.... So "Baron boiz 108" is the numbers of barons...... But why this a mint copy....?

    Konoka: Seichan?

    Setsuna: Ah... Uh... "Master of zombie"? What the heck is that? Something like this-

    Konoka: Ah! That's Asuna's!

    Setsuna: Oh no! I'll go pick it up!

    Konoka: Seichan, if you want to play then you should told Asuna..... Stubborn you.

    Asuna: The one with Negi is last night's-

    Eva: What is it? Got tired of runing?

    Negi: I wasn't runing away. I just want to talk with you alone.

    Eva: Talk?

    Negi: I heard you past from Takamichi. I also know about the spell my father casted on you.

    Eva: Is it? What about it?

    Negi: Evagelinesan, it's ok with me if you drink my blood.

    Negi: But i want you to promise one thing.

    Eva: Promise?

    Negi: After the magic is dispelled and you are free, please don't attack people again.

    Negi: For 15 years..... Striped of magic and not allow to get out of the barrier....... It must be agonizing..... That why i want to release you, to let you free!

    Eva: You sure is kind. I understand.

    Negi: Really!?

    Eva: .... And that's what i wanted to say. I don't want pity, kid!

    Eva: Promise? Don't make me laugh! I'm a vampire!

    Negi: Shoe?

    Asuna: Negi!

    Negi: Asunasan!

    Asuna: That Dracula there, release Negi!

    Eva: Damn you! Don't interfere!

    Eva: Faaa.... Face! Not the face!!!

    Asuna: I..... Don't i tell you to release Negi!!!

    Eva: Whoa! Idoit don't!

    Negi: Now!

    Asuna: AutoBoatGrenade!!!

    Asuna: How's that!

    Negi: Asunasan!

    Asuna: Negi, are you ok?

    Negi: Yes! Thank you very much!

    Asuna: Ah... Um.... That's good...

    Eva: Damn you...... How dare you!

    Negi: Evagelinesan!

    Asuna: Evageline? Where?

    Negi: Right now she is using vampiric powers to appear in that form!

    Eva: Lic lac la lillic!

    Asuna: Ah! She's glowing!

    Negi: That's....

    Eva: Spirits of ice, i call for you! Dance for me and stop the flow! Let the wind burn, let the mist shine..... Lillic Spiritus!!!

    Asuna: The lake!

    Negi: It's ancient magic....!

    Eva: I didn't just waste all that time!

    Eva: Spiritus!

    Asuna: Watch out!

    Asuna: Ouch!

    Negi: Asunasan!

    Asuna: Ohhhhh....

    Negi: Are you ok!?

    Asuna: That's dangerous, Evageline! It doesn't matter if you become a adult woman with a nice body, there are still thing you should and shouldn't do!

    Asuna: Payback! Ah?

    Post the rest later...

    To fight or not to fight....... someone will always die in the end.

    Sorry, excuse my lack of English: what is "Card Captor Sakura gangbang?" Well, yes I know what "Card Captor Sakura" is, but what is "gangbang?" A gun fight?




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