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    Here's a lil translation for the first part of the first ep..... I'll translate the rest if there's some one wants it.

    Negi: Father......

    Nagi: Well.......

    Nagi: Evageline!!!

    Eva: Not yet......... Don't think it's over yet!!! Thousand Master!!!

    Principal: Negi Springfield!

    Negi: Yes!

    Negi: Father, i have graduated the magic school with out any trouble. Although the magister training has yet started, i will do my best. I will do my best to became a magister just like father........ So please watch me. Father.

    Eva: Finally, it's coming..... that man's son! Argh... there isn't enough blood.

    Maki: panting noise*

    Eva: giggles*

    Negi: It's here....

    Negi: Eeeeiiii!? High school teacher!?

    Nekane: Negi, looks like you training will take place in japan. I've been to japan once, it's a nice place.

    Annya: Impossible! Absolutely Impossible!

    Nekane: Annyaaa....

    Annya: Negi can't be a high school teacher!!! It's even a all girls class too!!! Negi, talk to the principal and make him change the place of you training!

    Nekane: That is impossible, Annya.

    Annya: But Nekanesan.....

    Nekane: Negi, nervous?

    Negi: Ah.....Eh, a little.

    Annya: It's not a little!!! Don't you mean a LOT!? Japan is a super far away place you know!? You can be sure that a weakling like negi will soon end up come home crying!

    Nekane: Annya.

    Annya: But it's true....

    Nekane: It's true that japan is far away, but Negi want to be a magister right? So you will have to try you best.

    Negi: Onechan

    Annya: Impossible! Absolutely Impossible! Impossible Impossible Impossible........

    Negi: Japan, Mahora gakuen

    To fight or not to fight....... someone will always die in the end.

    Sorry, excuse my lack of English: what is "Card Captor Sakura gangbang?" Well, yes I know what "Card Captor Sakura" is, but what is "gangbang?" A gun fight?

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    nice job ^.-

    HxH is back in October =p

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedAdonis View Post
    Here's a lil translation for the first part of the first ep..... I'll translate the rest if there's some one wants it.
    Could you please? I would do it if i could, but my high school doesn't offer a Japanese class.

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    Junior High means Middle school, not High school... But good job!


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