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Thread: Pactio?

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    Default Pactio?

    Well, I has my questions about Pactio... When Negi and Konoka makes a Pactio, Konoka gets a card, which Negi is the "controller" of.
    Later in the series, Konoka wish to make a Pactio with Setsuna. But that is only possible because Setsuna herself ISN'T a magician.

    My question is: When 2 people do a Pactio, who gets a card? Because even though Negi is the most knowlegdable of the 2, Konoka is without a doubt MUCH more powerful than he is.

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    We don't know if Konoka is more powerful than Negi. Sure she is a better healer, but Negi is not a healer but a fighter. And in terms of amout of magic we just know that both have nearly bottomless resources. Also Negi has more experience in using magic.

    About the Pactio: I think the magic circle has a user component, means a specific circle needs to be drawn for Negi to be the "Master".

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    i think its led that konoka has more magical energy, but shes not actually stronger, so i think its like his mp is 100 and hers is like 150

    but then again he has been training heavier then she has to his might have gone up to say 140 while hers is only by like 155

    at the time it said she was stronger, negi was kinda of sad, but hes been growing at a rapid rate recently

    and i doubt that you can make a pactio with multiple people if its the perma one but if its the provisonal one it should possible

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    Maybe because Konoka isn’t a mage “per se”, but “just” a person with latent magical power. Or, like Region said, the magic circle used by Negi and Konoka when they made the contract was drawn specifically for Negi; so, when using that magic circle, Negi is always the “master”.

    About their power, it looks like Konoka has more talent than Negi, but she hasn’t surpassed him yet. It’s a matter of comparing raw potential with actual knowledge.

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    you guys speculate too much. Konoka is the best healer (or going to be) in the world, and Negi is going to be the best mage in the world.

    Plus there is the age difference to consider.




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