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    Default Haru Haru Interview

    Not my translation
    I found it at another forum but I can't post credit link cause I'm a new member

    Haru Haru Interview
    Translated by 8 Sep 08
    Both Japanese and English is not my native language so correct me if I made mistake.
    Haru: This time. It's a guest from Italy. Basilsan.
    Basil: Hello. It's very kind of you to invite me here.
    Haru: Basilsan, Always polite! By the way, Who did you learn Japanese from to be this good,
    old language and ninja's vocabulary mixed though?
    Basil: I learned it from Master and also a lot of other things about Japan.
    Tsuna: Is it really alright to learn from that kind of father?
    Basil: Sawadadono just doesn't know Master's real thought. In truth, he's a really great person.
    Haru: That's right, Tsunasan! It's not good to bad mouth your father.
    Tsuna: But, he didn't care about me or mother at all.
    Basil: Master always happily talk about the son who is the same age as me and also,
    he love Sawadadono's mother from the bottom of his heart.
    Haru: Hahi!!
    Tsuna: Tear!!
    Basil: What's wrong?
    Haru: Nothing, as expected from Tsunasan's father. Wonderful~[heart].
    Then, next is question corner!! The name Basil sounded like spice, this is your real name, isn't it?
    Basil: No, it's a codename adapted from real name "Basilicum" {Basilicum is from Vongola77}
    Tsuna: Is it!? I never knew!
    Haru: Tsunasan's real name is Tsunayoshi but you were called Tsunasan, weren't you?[Music Note]
    Next question! What is this big triangular metal at Basilsan's waist?
    Basil: This is a Boomerang kind weapon, BoomerangEdge.
    It's not only useful with long range, short range is also...
    Haru: W.. What!? Why carry such dangerous thing---!? Criminal World!?
    Could it be, even Basilsan is also in mafia play!?
    Tsuna: D.. Don't panic, Haru! It's not a weapon! It's..It's...A protractor! A protractor!
    It's easy to make a mistake!!! Right!?
    Basil: Hmm...? Sawadadono...?
    Haru: Hahi!? A protractor...? It's not Triangle ruler?
    Tsuna: Ah!! Right right! Triangle ruler!! It's this big because it's for blackboard.
    Basil: But...the chalk will crumble.
    Tsuna: It's.. an Italy's special kind. Right!? Basilkun!
    Basil: Ah..yes...
    Haru: Hahi...I'm not really understand but this time we end here!

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    Aww. That's interesting.

    Thanks for making this a thread




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