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    Manga definitely better than anime. Funnier by a mile!! And the anime just had to go all dark and sad at the end and it was sooo weird. Nevertheless i'd like to see a second season. I wanna see Mori's lil bro. Haha.

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    i am only at episode 10, but unless the ending is bad i would prefer to it to not have a second season (i like short animes)

    it's really a great anime as of now btw, and i wish i could see the other episodes :s

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    Quote Originally Posted by lala~ View Post
    oooo! that wouldn't be a bad idea. i liked the anime (but now i like the manga more XD). it was just that renge got so annoying! she was way over.... um.... being over dramatic! but still i wouldn't mind a second season. i wasn't too picky on it following the story line because they still managed to make it funny and stuff.
    I watched the anime before reading the manga.You're right Renge was really annoying in the anime, and I very pleased to find out that was not the intention of the author when i read the manga .

    I wish the anime hadn't ended so suddenly and without closure, so in that respect another series should probably be made. However, if you want to find out how it all ends the manga should solve all mysteries anyway.
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    I'd sign the petition...

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    Yeah that was it.
    Renge is annoying but she is funny
    Yeah I'm wishing for a second season too
    And I hope that Kyouya would already show that he also likes Haruhi
    Haruhi is SOOOO LUCKY!!

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    if they can't do a proper and decent sequel, then they shouldn't, I haven't reed the manga yet... i might in the future if i have time and I'm bored.

    In my opinion if they ever do another Ouran it'd be a remake probably closer to when the manga had ended or near ending but that's extremely unlikely.

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    Wow, resurrecting a thread here... my only Ouran exposure was the anime until a few days ago, when a friend of mine told me the manga was amazing and that I should get it, and linked me to this site to do so. Haven't had time to start it yet - cursed work - but I plan on doing so soon! Ever since I compared the Chrno Crusade manga to the anime, I've been far more eager to go after the original (manga) content. =)

    Oh, and staying sort of on topic, from what others have said, and my own opinion of the anime, I'm fine with it remaining in single season form.


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