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Thread: how many people on this site read this series?

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    Post how many people on this site read this series?

    okay, I'm fed up at staring at this blank forum, so I'm starting a thread.
    At least I might get better conversation than at Mangafox, where the most popular thread is about how ecchi has taken over the series and how the current arc is being dragged out too long.

    Well anyway: How many people on ST read History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi?

    How does it stack up to other Shounen manga?

    Lets try for some conversation in this empty place!

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    I've been reading it for a year or so. Pretty lighthearted, a lot of comedy and doesn't take itself too seriously. Very much tongue-in-cheek, so I don't have the need to analyze it all the time. And bewbs are always a plus, even drawn ones.

    Somehow there's also a lot of suspense when Kenichi is facing the "bad guy of the arc".

    Not a masterpiece perhaps, but I'm pretty much always enjoying a new chap. Which makes it better than most manga I've read I guess.
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    i like this better than Hajime no Ippo's repetition fest if that is what you are asking.

    Overall traffic on the whole forum is at all time low, that is probably a bigger reason why nobody is checking out this forum.

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    it`s a nice manga i think , with some martial arts on it , sometimes is very hilarious . for my opinion this manga is like " AIKI ".

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    I enjoy History's Greatest Disciple. It's a fun, if standard fighting shounen manga, and as Habanero said, it has a decent comedy element. Not as ecchi or quite as funny as AIKI, but the hero isn't a total asshole, just the usual "Must get stronger to protect of those precious to him" schtick. The subs also come out regularly, which puts it several notches in front of AIKI.

    Worth a read, for sure.
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    I've been reading this for a couple of years and I have to say I quite enjoy this series more than others. There's ecchi (almost every other chapter TBH), but it doesn't take away from the actual martial arts action which you can feel. It's definitely a shounen, but the girls in here are far from weak and for the most part keep up or even surpass the boys every now and then. The art isn't the greatest and the plot, in its simplest form, is no different from other shounen series, but it's a good pick to read if you want to read something new.

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    hi, just started reading this so still got a over 300 chapter to go and 21 ep. to watch.

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    I must say I really like that series...
    The teachers are cool and deep characters!
    The hero is a silly boy getting stronger and stronger even though he feels so weak compared to the other folks at his dojo which makes the whole story real funny!
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    i read it i simply enjoy it very much

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    great series, easy to read.. the character development is cool. Kenichi goes from weak as hell to starting to be able to protect his girl in a world of martial arts masters.. a big twist is coming up i can feel it.. think shell be kidnapped and turned bad?




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