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    Default +++++READ++ New Rules ++ POSTING GUIDELINES ++ FAQ [READ OR BE BANNED]+++++++

    Downloading FAQ
    Created by: coolpuprocks and Kevin Shiel

    Q: My speeds are so slow. Can you make them faster?
    A: Be patient with the speeds. They are capped. Do not complain about a free luxury provided to you!

    Here is a tip that can help you (courtesy of 98abaile): If you are getting slow speeds, you are probably downloading at a peak time (nothing slows down a server quite like 82000 people all trying to access at once), so change the time at which you download. If that doesn't solve your problem, run a virus and spyware scan.

    Q: I just downloaded a file and it is corrupt. What should I do?
    A. Try right clicking the file and press "save target as." It's so simple, yet surprisingly it is the answer to almost every single downloading problem. Try redownloading it because your connection probably timed out. After many times of trying, then let us know.

    Q: Can you change it so I can download manga in volumes? Or how about through bittorrent?
    A: Sorry, but due to our limited budget, it requires too much bandwidth to allow for manga to be downloaded by volumes. Thus, we cannot offer that feature. We do not use bittorrents because we know that there are many users who visit this site who do not (or cannot because of firewalls) use bittorrents, thus we allow only for direct downloads at the moment.

    Q: How come I can't reply to existing threads?

    A: In the Help Section, if you're not the original thread creator, admin, or moderator, you cannot post in that thread. This is to enforce the "one topic per thread" rule.

    Q: How do I get my avatar to work?
    A: They only work for administrators, moderators, and people who've subscribed by donating. That's it.

    Q: Why are their no updates for _______ manga? Can you hurry up and scan them for us?
    A: Usually, those are the latest series. Many times series are stalled or discontinued because scanlation teams lose interest in them. Check Daily Manga :: Top - Moteur de recherche or - Premier Manga Scanlation Information Site to find the correct scanlation team so you can find out the status of a specific series. Stoptazmo DOES NOT scan manga. Stoptazmo only hosts.

    Q: What is a download manager?
    A: It is a program that connects to a file over and over again to obtain more speed, thus acting like 2-10 people downloading 1 file at the same time.

    Q: I am using a download manager and I get asked for a password, what do I do?
    A: We do not support download managers, disable it and you will not be asked for a password when downloading unless you are downloading from Mirror 4.

    Q: What is wrong with using my download manager?
    A: Download managers saps our bandwith, thus making it harder to serve to the masses. By you being greedy and using a download manager, it makes it harder for other people to download manga. Therefore, most download managers are blocked.

    Q: There is a missing chapter here at StopTazmo
    A: We sometimes miss chapters it does happen, this is not really a download problem, but post anyways letting us know so we get it fixed, it's hard to update about 100 manga series and we sometimes miss a chapter or two.

    Q: Did you know you are missing chapters 80-110ish for Prince of Tennis? Where can I find them?
    A: Manga City translated up to around 80 chapters. But then the series got licensed, so the project was dropped. FET picked up the most recent chapters and are slowly working backwards. Thus, you have that 80-110ish chapters gap. You can't find these chapters anywhere at the moment, so STOP ASKING!

    Q: I would like to suggest a manga series....
    A: We do not accept suggestions, please do not post about this.

    Q: I need help finding this manga series....
    A: Do not post here for that. Check the "downloads request" section and read the rules of that section.

    Q: I see you're missing this manga. Can I upload this manga for you then?
    A: No.

    Q: I tried to download and got a 404 (File Not Found) error, or a white page...
    A: This does not happen often, but we might sometimes put the file in the wrong folder or not upload it so the file does not exist, post and let us know so it can get fixed.

    Q: Why does an admin no longer reply to our threads?
    A: I have given up answering threads, and disabling accounts, this section is no longer modded due to the abuse. I suggest you search our forums really good for an answer. I will reply if there is something wrong on our end.

    Q: Why can't I pm the admin?
    A: You need at least 10 posts to do this feature. Try searching the forums first to find you answer.

    Q: Why do I get a cannot find server error message downloading?
    A: We limited downloads to 300 MAX, if there is 300 downloads going at the time you try to download, you will get a cannot find server error message. Wait 20 seconds and then try to download again.

    Q: I got banned. What should I do?
    A: You will most likely be unbanned in a week. Next time, read the rules and you will not have this problem.

    Q: Why has my thread been deleted or locked?
    A: You did not post your question in the right format, it went off topic, or this question has been answered and addressed before.

    Q: Where can I find previous chapters for manga in the "Latest Chapters" section? Why aren't they on the manga front page?
    A: We do not host those previous chapters. You will have to find them from a different website.

    Q: How do I download?
    A: Association of Shareware Professionals - The World's #1 Trade Organization for Independent Software Developers and Vendors

    Q: How do I post images in threads or in my signature space?
    A: Guideline part 1: How to post with pictures in this forum - Part 1 - Wordpress Blogging Forum
    Guideline part 2: How to post with pictures in this forum - Part 2 - Wordpress Blogging Forum

    Posting Guidelines
    Post only if there is no answer in our Download FAQ.

    1. The Mirror #
    2. Your OS
    3. The browser you are using
    4. Have you tested on a different browser?
    5. Have you read our FAQ problem or searched our forum?
    6. Are you using a download manager?
    7. The file/series you are downloading from.
    8. The EXACT problem! "Help can't download!" does not do anything for us. Give us details.
    9. Have you tried right clicking the file and pressing "save target as"?

    What would this look like if I were to post a thread?

    Hi, I am having a problem downloading.
    1. Mirror 2
    2. Windows XP
    3. Internet Explorer
    4. No, I have not.
    5. Yes, I did and could not find an answer.
    6. I am not using a download manager.
    7. I am downloading Prince of Tennis chapter 005.
    8. When I try to download, I get a cannot find server page
    9. Yes, I did and the file still shows to be corrupted.

    Please follow this example replacing it with your information.
    The exception to this format will be if you are reporting a missing chapter. Be aware though that some chapters many not be scanlated which is why they are not present

    If you do not follow this guideline you might have your account disabled, or we will add your IP to our servers firewall so you cannot download.

    Edit by hellcreator:
    In this section, if you refuse to follow the above posting guide.. you WILL BE BANNED no exceptions!

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    In a last ditch effort to get people to read this thread and post here, it is now bumped.. theres only two stickies!

    if this fails i guess its time to put the fear of god in here and start banning again

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