I know other people have complained of this, but I am yet to find a solution.

I recently started downloading and reading manga again and at first everything went fine. After a few days, though, I would occasionally have the problem of the download window taking a while to pop up after clicking the download link. It would act like it was trying to connect, and then at length the window would appear and I would choose to save the file and the download would finish instantaneously. Upon attempting to extract the contents of the file, I would be met with an error. This happened every so often, and I could correct it by re-downloading and it would work (if it didn't take forever to load the file). After time, certain series stopped downloading all together. None of the chapters would download normally and none of the files worked.

Now, however, all downloads have become like this. I am unable to successfully download any chapters at all. Mirrors 1 and 3 certainly do not work, and I could not find any series operating off of a Mirror 2 to test it.

Thank you for your help,
Uruz Koru