Hi, I am having a problem downloading (only from mirror 3, mirror 1&2 works pretty fine).

1. Mirror 3
2. Windows XP
3. Firefox 3.5.3
4. Yup (IE 6)
5. Yes, I did and could not find an answer.
6. No.
7. FYI: I was trying to download random manga from mirror 3 - just to be sure that I can't download from this mirror (for example Nurarihyon No Mago). None of attempts was successfull.
8. After I am clicking on the "Download" link, "open & save window" loads really long time. If I choose "save" it creates file with 0 (zero) bytes size, if I choose "open" WinRAR says: archive is broken.
9. It seems there is no this option anymore.