Hi Guys,

It's been some time since I last posted, but now I found a reason to do so

First of all, wonderful changes you've made to the site, it's quite something. Especially props for the online reading option. But I've also noticed that the amount of subforum for manga has exploded, and maybe there should be a revision on whether they're popular enough to have their own subforum, and then perhaps moved. Because the first page of the forum is brimming with forums and links, and that may slow down the loading process.

Well, that's just a thought.

I have been reading Prince of Tennis for some time now, and thanks to your online reading option it's been quite easy to read up to the final chapters, however i noticed that chapters 260-267 are missing.

Well, I can't see them in the online reader where the chapters are listed in the dropdown menu.

That's it, keep up the good work guys.