I have downloaded the whole list as of today;

I have noticed that:

(minor zipfile mistakes)
- there is no "berserk_v12_007.zip" in the list ....since in fact berserk_v12_006.zip should be renamed "berserk_v12_006&007.zip"

- we have "berserk_v27_237.zip" and "berserk_v28_237.zip" in the list. Instead we should rename berserk_v27_237.zip to " berserk_v27_236.zip"

It's not really important, I bet everyone noticed...

but the followingthing is rather annoying:
where is
CHAPTER 288 "Sea battle (1)".... ? We only have on your site "Bubbles" (chapt 287) and "Sea battle (2)" (chapt 289).....??
apparently chapter 288 just wasn't uploaded or disappeared somewhere....PErhaps I'm wrong but it's really written "sea battle 2" on the first page of chap 289 and I checked, there is really a "sea battle 1" existing....but not on this site unfortunately

Please tell me what's going on!!

Thanks in advance.