1. The Mirror # 1
2. Your OS: Windows XP Home Edition
3. The browser you are using: Internet Explorer
4. Have you tested on a different browser? Yes
5. Have you read our FAQ problem or searched our forum? Yes
6. Are you using a download manager? No
7. The file/series you are downloading from: Golden Boy, Genbu Kaiden, Naruto and
8. The EXACT problem! Ok, this is very frustrating. Once I start downloading stuff here, everything goes smoothly until the half or final percent of downloading. The download stops, then i try to unzip the folder. A message pops up stating that the file is corrupt, and what's worse i can't open the folder! I can't read even half of the manga I've already tried downloading the files again and again and again. I already restarted/gave my pc a rest . I also tried downloading during off-peak hours, but the same problem is still there.
9. Have you tried right clicking the file and pressing "save target as"? Yes, that's what I always do.