1. The Mirror # 1
2. Your OS Windows 98
3. The browser you are using Mozilla Firefox.
4. Have you tested on a different browser? Internet Explorer.
5. Have you read our FAQ problem or searched our forum? Yes I did both. I found a thread where the user seems to be having the same problem as me, but there is no answer nor solution yet. (Not allowed to post link to that thread).
6. Are you using a download manager? No.
7. The file/series you are downloading from. naruto_359.zip, d.gray-man_123.zip, gintama_001.zip, bleach_279.zip, bleach_109.zip, bleach_110.zip, bleach_111.zip and and other files I have downloaded before without problems, that now is giving the same trouble as the above mentioned. All from Mirror 1
8. The EXACT problem! Download take a long time and ends between 2%-20% of the total file. If I open the file it shows: Unexpected end of archive.
9. Have you tried right clicking the file and pressing "save target as"? Yes.

PS: My native language is spanish, so please excuse me if I mispell or have wrong redaction.