1. The Mirror # Mirror 1
2. Your OS Windows XP
3. The browser you are using Firefox
4. Have you tested on a different browser? Internet Explorer
5. Have you read our FAQ problem or searched our forum? I read your FAQ. I also found this thread, but it's over two weeks old now.
6. Are you using a download manager? No
7. The file/series you are downloading from. bastard_042.zip, d.gray-man_123.zip, school_rumble_228.zip, school_rumble_229.zip, Kurohime_v03_c05[Genesis], and other files on mirror 1 that I was able to successfully download in the past
8. The EXACT problem! "Help can't download!" does not do anything for us. Give us details. Downloads always stall forever at or (usually) before 10-15% completion. I have tried many times, and at different times, but they don't work. I suspect that none of your files (at least on mirror 1) will work for me. I don't know if Kevin Shiel is still "trying things to speed up downloads", but he said he was doing this "[o]ver the next few days", and it has been over two weeks since then.
9. Have you tried right clicking the file and pressing "save target as"? Yes