Based on the next quote I assume that it is okay to do this that I'm about to do.
Q: There is a missing chapter here at StopTazmo
A: We sometimes miss chapters it does happen, this is not really a download problem, but post anyways letting us know so we get it fixed, it's hard to update about 100 manga series and we sometimes miss a chapter or two.
I don't know if I have to use the guidelines but I'll just in case

1. The Mirror # Mirror 1
2. Your OS - Windows XP
3. The browser you are using - Firefox
4. Have you tested on a different browser? - It's not nesesary for this problem
5. Have you read our FAQ problem or searched our forum? - Yes, you can see that in the quote before.
6. Are you using a download manager? - No
7. The file/series you are downloading from. - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
8. The EXACT problem! "Help can't download!" does not do anything for us. Give us details. - There's no link for the chapter 123. I assume you miss it to uploadit
9. Have you tried right clicking the file and pressing "save target as"? - It's not nesesary for this problem

PS: I already downloaded from another place but I thought it will be good to tell you about it.