I love this site, but ever since the server upgrade that was going to increase the speed a bit i have been unable to download anything here... I have read the whole rules, and i know i run a risk of getting banned by even mentioning download speed...

Ever since server upgrade, no matter what mirror or at what time i download at, i have a max speed on 1 - 4 kb/s. I know this is not my connections fault, at most other manga sites i have at least 50 - 200 kb/s. I wonder what i can do with my computer excluding download managers (which is not accepted by you).

You host more or less every manga i read/plan to read and i find it really sad that i cannot use this site... As a side note before upgrade i had 90-160 kb/s here, and 80-120 kb/s during peak time...

1. All

2. Windows XP

3. Firefox or IE depending on mood, both give same result

4. Firefox, IE and Opera

5. Yes, but no specific answer

6. No

7. Claymore, Shaman King, Bousou Renkin, Mahou Sensei Negima ( but it has nothing to say, same no matter what manga)

8. Cannot download due to speeds of 1-4 kb/s after server upgrade

9. I have to do this with IE, because if not everything ends in a temporary Folder >_>

If anyone can give an answer or at least and explanation to why this is i'd be really greatfull

Btw i'm in Norway, but this had nothing to say before. Does that matter ?