1. Mirror(s) 2. At least 15 of them. Mirror 1 seems to work. Except you have to wait 2 hours for a chapter...
2. XP
3. Mozzilla FireFox
4. Yep, with good old i.e.
5. Oh yeah. But the problem seems a bit new
6. When it works. My connection is too crappy not to try to use it (I live in Congo). But when it doesn't, I always try without. Most of the times, it corrects the problem. Not this one.
7. Any. It doesn't matter, I tried with at least 15 different series.
8. The connection with mirror 2 seems to stop every 50 seconds or so. And as it doesn't support resuming or managers, it stops the download. It gets quite annoying after the 30th time I tried download Bokko.
9. Yeah, it didn't work. Or I wouldn't post here. I try not to pester sysadmin, they have a lot of work to do.