1. The Mirror #1 (onllyone is see)
2. Windows xp
3. FireFox
4. internet exploer and netzero
5. have searched the fourm and did what was suggested in a few. Others were you yelling at their stupidity. ^_^
6. no iffin clue what that is -_-;
7. Fruitbaskets- anything ch3 and up. Few others from time to time
8. download teh file and all I get when I extract is no files to extract. I have signed in and out, played with the cookies, let it sit and tried again (sometimes works). There are a few other ones that do this to me, but Fruits baskets is one only one I want to concentrate on right now.
9. Have you tried right clicking the file and pressing "save target as"? netzero and explorer are teh only ones that let me do that.