Hi! I am having a problem. I'll answer the questions as you asked on a thread:
1- My problem es with every mirror
2- Windows XP
3- Internet Explorer 7
4- Yes, I also tried with Mozilla Firefox
5- Yes, I have read your FAQ and I couldn't find an answer
6- No, I'm not using a download manager
7- I have the same problem with every manga I tried to download on the last few days: GTO, Gantz, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle...
8- When I try to download, it starts perfectly, but after some minutes it stops, as if it has finished, but of course I can't open the file because it only downloaded the half. I've tried on other pages and I didn't have the same problem.
9- Yes, I have tried pressing 'Save Target Us". It's exactly the same.

I hope you'll find a way to help me. Thank you!