Hello, I am trying to download and it didn't work. I usually used my computer, but now I am limited to another computer and I kept running into this problem (I tried several times by doing it every week.)

1. Mirror 1
2. Windows 2000
3. Internet Explorer
4. No, I don't have another one on this computer.
5. Yes, there is no answers or suggestions that worked.
6. I believe I am not using one, but just to be sure, how do i check?
7. I was trying to get One Piece 424 and 426 and I wanted to also get D Grayman and Air Gear, but did not try yet.
8. Every time I tried to download, it automatically banned me and redirected me to the main page (forum) and also I tried clicking "save target as" just in case, and it didn't work for this mirror, I believe.
9. Yes, I have and it only allowed me to get html page, not the file.

By the way, my computer that I usually used has Windows XP and Internet Explorer as well. Is the OS problem in this situation? I am not sure what I am doing to get myself banned like this on this computer. I had no problems on my old computer.