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  1. R3dKnight
    I believe we have many problems.....
  2. Terasiel
    If I were to suggest anything, then I would go for something that would very well make me a hypocrit. I personally believe that our sub-forums would greatly benefit from stricter regulations. Simple, yet important, rules such as: enforcing a standard for grammar and spelling (in terms of dealing with those who aren't putting effort into writing even the simplest sentences correctly), lower tolerances for off-topic posts, and the classic "complete thought rule" for users who simply post a sentence fragment (or less) on topics that demand a fully developed response.

    Now I wouldn't be so bold as to say this should all be driven home with zero tolerance; but we do have the ever growing gap between those who do write well and those who don't even try.
  3. R3dKnight
    I believe don't we already have enough rules already?
    Spelling, grammar rules?
    Come one Chit Chat is an anti noob place.
    Does anyone know this manga?
    those rules are made just to annoy some of the members.

    we aren't kids anymore
    and people can find everything they want on the internet, including YAOI, and what's not
    I suggest we have a hentai collection here

    we don't need that many sub forums anymore since
    most active members had gone away.
    we should in fact remove them from being abused by spam
  4. Terasiel
    Now I don't know if I'd support removing any of the subforums, as they do create a good context for the posts within it; as well as doing away with the clutter caused by an unclear limitations for subject matter.

    About the hentai thing: We do have an enormous thread based on it - and yes I'd totally support a subforum on it at least - not to mention uploading certain kinds depending on the tastes decided upon by the admin. Hell, we could put it to a vote.
  5. Urameshi-sama
    I don't really agree with removing the subforums either. ST's subforums often attract their own communities, and taking that away would mean taking away the main reason some members even come to this forum.

    But, I do think that some subs have been kept around way past their expiration date. Death note, futari ecchi, prince of tennis, school rumble...All of these are series that have either ended or move at such a snail pace that there's very little discussion going on at any given time (and even then, it's often digressive convo).

    I agree with Tera on further forum moderation though. I have noticed that sometimes so-called manga/anime debates here have degraded into personal bashing sessions or presentations of dogma.
  6. R3dKnight
    I only add these people because in my point of view
    I believe they are more active then others.

    if anyone want to joint this group
    please PM me.
  7. Henchy432
    This might sound like bad idea, but we need new blood as Mods. Maybe then we can have something in between Super strict and not here at all. Most members that are not in Chit Chat, barely see the presence of Mods.

    When I first joined, the mods were a bit more active in there sections. Vol and others would post and be apart of the discussions, not make there own threads for something they think is important.
  8. R3dKnight
    Also a suggestion.

    wouldn't be better to totally restart ST.
    everybody with zero POSTCOUNT.
    remove all the other death members from the database.

    that way other useless old veterans couldn't flame other newcomers.
  9. csuti
    thanks for the invite. But I'm not sure I can be of much help. Seeing as how I'm of the "spammers" group, rather than the community builders...
  10. Terasiel
    On Henchy's suggestion, I have only the most obvious problem to point out: Who would be the new Mods? The last person I supported for becoming a Mod was Steal and that's been quite some time.

    There are too many heavily opinionated people here in the "over two years" list that would simply ban anyone that disagrees with them.

    Worse yet, you'd have people like me who wouldn't warn anybody (formally) or ban anyone except the most blatantly offensive posters who come here, usually overnight, just to spam racist and spam-heavy posts.

    If you can honestly think of anyone you'd trust to fall in between those two the Admin is likely reading these suggestions. Wouldn't hurt.
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