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  1. Terasiel
    Correct me if I'm wrong; but isn't there already some kind of system in place where either registered users are the only ones that can download or that post count/longevity determines bandwidth? I haven't personally downloading any manga from this site in nearly two years.

    Secondly, Black Flash has my support for what it's worth. He goes above and beyond to supply links and threads the very moment chapters are available online. He also is consistently lucid and has an fair temperament.

    Thirdly, even if by some fluke I was offered the role of mod over a sub-forum I'd turn it down. I don't like the idea of a leader who isn't selected out of popular demand.

    Lastly, if we made certain sub-forums more "private" we'd need a well defined system of identifying regulars other than a 10-post requirement. Something either involving far more than ten or being "ranked up" by a mod.
  2. BlueDemon
    On Bleach/Naruto subforums : I agree with BF being a mod there too.
    OP is currently moderated by shautieh who was more active these days,and BF isnīt active there anyway,so Iīd say shautieh should still be mod there [and the OP really doesnīt need any moderating xD].
  3. Urameshi-sama
    I don't think we were saying BF should replace any of the mods, just supplement them.
  4. Terasiel
    Having multiple mods over any specific subforum isn't necessarily a bad thing either. I'm sure the older mods, that are actually active on a daily basis, would appreciate some degree of day-to-day assistance.

    Not that one or two wouldn't have issues sharing with a new one mind you.
  5. sakura_hana
    I believe BF would be a good mod for the Naruto/Bleach sections. I have no idea how this would affect his relations with the other mods, I'm guessing it wouldn't be in a good way...still, I think he has what it takes to be a mod.

    And I agree that black flash IS actually modding the section.
    In contrast with the other mods of the section, he is having more work done there then they are. Don't get me wrong here, this is nothing personal or anything.

    My point is that the mods shouldn't be there for the soul purpose of enforcing the rules aka banning people, measuring their sigs etc.
    They should have been assigned based on their interests IN that section. That also means encouraging discussions, theories, responding to questions etc.
  6. black flash
    black flash
    Seriously we need a mod for the Naruto section fast because i'm sick of seeing stuff in a thread that doesn't need to be there. The Witcher and Deathbringerpt have been talking about Naruto vs Sasuke god knows how long in a thread that has nothing to do with that.
  7. R3dKnight
    Thanks Kevin!
  8. Terasiel
    If anything the ascension of BlackFlash makes this entire group worth it. Hope if ever we pinpoint another problem that you guys have the same luck getting your voices heard once again.
  9. Digital_Eon
    Oh hey, congratulations, black flash!

    Just noticed this group now. 'kay, thoughts. We have a hentai thread already, but if you guys think a subforum would be really active... I think you'd need some kind of warning before entering, though. How about a social group?

    I agree that the forums need more moderating. A while back, a number of moderators were removed due to inactivity, and some of the remaining ones (including myself) have just been inactive. Personally, my forums are pretty good and I don't do much moderating in them, but now that I know you guys are concerned about the forums, I'll try to be on more often and check things out. =)

    (Pfft - I'd have issues sharing. I am one of Martyr's heirs, after all! But if you have complaints about me, just tell me, please. I know I'm inactive at times, and if I know being online more will make a difference... or anything I might not realise...)
  10. Digital_Eon
    Dead/completed series subforums do need to go. I thought that was going to happen years ago!

    New mods: It's very hard to find new moderators who have that balance of being well-known in the community and good leaders - at least, for those of us who have traditionally been involved in the decisions, it's hard to tell... because it's true that most of us are less active and/or we don't leave our own subforums. But it isn't just about anyone who can type properly and who has been around a while and active.

    R3d: If you have concerns about a moderator, please take them to Kane. Don't post them here.
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