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  1. R3dKnight
    I'm against SD being a mod, in the past as a whining poster and now as a butt hurt mod.
    Someone stated that he's obsessed on banning "certain" poster,
    why not go check up his history and the stuff he post.
    and hey thanks alot for removing the JCafe group issues we could have stick that up in the history shit list.

    And Btw
    I'm personally against Forums politics that we had with SD/Jyuu and the majority of the community

    and to answer Terasiel on who to become mods..
    why not you? why not Csuti or Henchy?
    I don't see that we should have certain quality to become mods.
    or should we need a mod who created This
  2. Henchy432
    @Terasiel, I think Black flash is basically Modding the Naruto section,so why not give him the job anyway. Speaking of that section, It is a bit better than it was. However, it's the place where most n00bs go to. It would be nice to have a mod in that sub forum, that knows the manga.
  3. R3dKnight
    shounen like Naruto/Bleach and OP should go to BF.

    and BTW the forums game should be remove since it's now a spam infested
    maybe later when we have that much of active users again, we can reopen it again.
  4. black flash
    black flash
    I wouldn't mind being the Mod of the Naruto section, i'm getting tired of page's that having nothing to do with the thread. A couple of weeks ago there was about 3-4 page's of spamming about Hinata chest size, I had to ask why people were doing it and the reply was "were just passing the time till the chapter comes out." Seriously if you're waiting for time to pass then do it with out the spamming. So I do think that the Naruto Forum needs a new mod, seen as how it doesn't seem to have one.
  5. R3dKnight
    so it's settle..

    now we have to hear from Kain.
    to install BF as mod for Naruto section.
  6. xxDoLLarBiLLxx
    I wouldn't mind being a mod but the thing is I'm not here often enough to be one. And people dont get out of control like they used to 2 years ago. It was crazy back then.
  7. R3dKnight
    I'm also thinking about having a download rule.
    newbies with zero postcount shouldn't be able to download mangas.
    unless they are above 10 ..

    I dunno what you guys think
  8. BlueDemon
    I think that would only increase the spamming...
    And I think the whole Idea of ST was that everybody should get their manga for free [to register ainīt that much of a hassle....]
  9. Urameshi-sama
    I also like the idea of BF being a mod for Naruto/Bleach/OP. I have been less active here partially because of external reasons (and forum politics), but also because the Naruto section's conversations are more digressive, and even the serious conversations are becoming polluted with personal preferences rather than serious supported debate. It would be great to have someone to enforce maturity in those threads.

    I don't like the download rule, considering some people come here purely to download. Don't put needless barriers in their way. That has as much a chance of backfiring and pissing them off as getting them to participate here.
  10. R3dKnight
    okay we can then skip that

    But still I believe ST should give ppl some more stuff for staying
    (maybe a hidden hentai forum/sub ?)
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