ST Scanlators

  1. Urameshi-sama
    Full description of the purpose of this group:

    Group for ST's current and aspiring scanlators to meet, collaborate, and share. Also to share teaching resources and useful tools helpful to scanlators.
  2. StealDragon
    What group are you in Ura?
  3. Urameshi-sama
    I'm not in any group right now (hence the aspiring scanlator caveat in the description). In fact, I don't even have photoshop anymore, so I can't start working till I get more HD space in a month (I'm planning to be an editor).
  4. Jyuu
    Install Photoshop.
    Faceroll on keyboard.

    That's what I used to do when I was a cleaner/typesetter.
  5. AtrumIncendia
    I remember me and MGS tried to start one a while back. So what are we scanlating?
  6. morten

    I'm eager to see what we'll talking 'bout here...

    @Jyuu: I love profit... @_@
  7. Urameshi-sama
    Atrum, I can't really join in the scan effort currently for reasons I mentioned in the last post. If you guys feel like scanlating something together, feel free to use this place to organize. But since I currently can't help you, you (all?) should take the lead on that.

    I know some of you are already busy with other groups anyways.

    I eventually intend to join or create a group anyways, but for now, my focus is to make a small list of good scanlation guides and PS resources, like brushes/fonts/other things.

    So far, I have about 4 good scanlation guides and a couple of fonts (mostly from morten). I'm going to ask csuti to post up her old brushes (which I lost after reformatting). If anyone has anything to add, just post it here or PM me.
  8. morten
    It would be interesting to get some people into here that actually can speak or translate japanese.

    They're the basis of scan projects after all and the most important ones around here.

    People who are interested into scanning and to learn about should join this group too, and I will try to teach them (the little ) I know. I'm gonna post some tutorials if there's some requests.
  9. Urameshi-sama
    I sent out invites and PM's to Digi, irecinius, and Dante for translation. If you all know of more people at ST who can scanlate in some form or has scanlated, just let me know so I can invite them.
  10. irecinius
    Well like I said, I can not vouch for translation, more like I can't with the knowledge(if I can say I have any)

    But for Cleaning the raw I can help with
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