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  1. morten
    I'm going thru hard times after deciding to not read any Gantz spoilers till Nuri is finished...
    I want to look on the spoiler thread so badly... *sigh*
    Why is it that there are spoilers already on saturday? That's like five long days till the raw really comes out, and maybe one or two days before we have the scanlation...
    Next week... spoilers already out two days after the last chapter...

    Did someone read the gay comment Ohsiris made of being steal's best friend before he edited that again? *LOLZ*
  2. Cali
    Yes, the spoilers came out pretty early, yesterday night. It was so interesting, and a nice surprise, in more than one sense.

    @ morten: You know, this week spoilers are especially nice, maybe you should give up spoiling yourself after next week? (teasing mood)
  3. Popothepenguin
    Anyone seen Dark Knight? I need to talk about it.
  4. Cali
    Oh, no, but today I've dreamed I saw the ending, but I guess it was heavily influenced by that "I'm a marvel I'm a dc" thing.
    Oh, so long loved vacations *sob sob*
  5. darkus-s6
    @Popo; yes, I saw the movie. It was good, went a bit beyond what I expected and though Ledger's Joker was the soul of the film, I think an acamedy nomination for his role would be a bit exagerated...
  6. morten
    I'm going to download tomorrow. It seems to be the talk of town right now, not only OT. Movies that are beyond expectations became rare...

    @Cali: You shouldn't post any random thread that pops up. I checked the other posts of that noir guy and he only posts spam threads. I wanted to post something angry again, but the spoiler thread is too important right now...
    It's really a stupid question he made up a poll... but maybe I start to worry too much about the gantz section...*shrugs*

    Anyways, people up for OT in a few hours?
  7. Cali
    I didn't realize that... I thought it was a serious, but dumb, thread...
    I must say I don't know if I'm a bit too grumpy today or if the recent posts seem utterly idiotic
  8. darkus-s6
    The recent posts seem utterly idiotic.

    @morten; beware!! the movie was a bit beyond my expectations, but that doesn't make it any less overrated...
  9. morten
    K' gonna dl at isohunt tomorrow. A pity that I have to wait till it comes out in cinemas around here.

    Btw, I read the two last pages of the spoiler thread, I was just too curious... well, that SoulRaider guy wins the noob of the month contest... *shakes head*
  10. darkus-s6
    I thought you were avoiding the spoilers.

    And lately a lot of newbies have appeared, guess it is the season....
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