Off-topic Crew

  1. Cali
    As soon as D3 is released, I'll take part on you guys' conversations about games ^^'
  2. Popothepenguin
    Hxh group got more members but we gots more posts!
    (I should finally be returning to my blissful uninterrupted vacation soon... I hope...)
  3. darkus-s6
    returning? but weren't you always here...
    also we have some pending invitations so more should join the group. Other option is going public(no invitation).

    @Cali; where is that title from?
  4. Cali
    @ darkus: From Holy Avenger, the brazilian manga-like comic I intend to scanlate. I'm actually editing it right now! Wow! I never thought my lazyness would cease!
  5. morten
    @Cali: I searched for that font, but I think it's custom made by the publishers themselves. The letter "o" for example, has a trapeze, that's quite rare. I suggest to mail the publishers and ask them about that font (stupid idea, I know) or go with alternatives:
    Action Man Shaded, Agent Orange, Agent Red or Basic Font look a bit similiar (go with alias strong and 1pt black shadow). You can use the warp function to snatch or compress the letters, too.

    @Primeminister: "winning rate 97.4%, time record 1:42 min"?? Don't lie to your people, Mr. Blair!
    I'll come up with a self-made user bar, because the user-bar page sux ( It will be a vertical user-bar that everyone can easily attach to his sig without resizing the height of it. It will be like 4-5 x 200 px big, with just "Off-topic" (there's not much place on user-bars). Then everyone can choose for himself, if he needs that or not.

    Well, my name for the all public Gantz group would be "Gantz Room". Any other suggestions? A "All Help and Feedback" Gantz sticky should be next (with some helpful links for noobs). I'm gonna write a entry post later.


    EDIT: Eh, how can I send pictures to the group gallery like RoneryFucks?
  6. Cali
    Speaking of which... what's the limit for sigs again?
    I've remade mire to contain the whole milkshake deal.
    Have a look:

    As for the fonts, after looking through the whole 1001 site, I found both agents, dream of me, and a few others to be indeed the most similar to that font. In the process I acquired a few other nice unrelated fonts that caught my interest.
    Thanks for the suggestion ^^
  7. morten
    That doesn't really look good, how about that doublepage pic where Nuri points his finger at Katou and some funny comment?
    Or just keep your old, it's still funny and you can color it later... your editing looks good btw.
  8. darkus-s6
    hmmm, now that you come up with this sig thing, I just realize the Spain fever is over. I'll need to come up with something new...

    Also, for the general Gantz group, we can take the example of the thread in the naruto section to come up with names and as a way for advertisement too.
  9. morten
    Hah, I thought you mean this: Spanish Flu.

    I'm gonna make a thread for the open Gantz community group and the name search tomorrow, when the dust of the fresh chapter lays down and we're going into discussion phase again (Why isn't Gantz coming out every week? :/). I just gonna pm Tet, guess he'll be around weekends, to change the faq thread into some general questions and feedback thread. Much more easier than to create a new one...

    EDIT: Meh, I don't wanna claim the nobel prize for us off-topics, but I think we were the rolling stones behind all these recent events (remember who first used befriends, group and visitor message functions). As always off-topic is in the fore... Shego will look quite surprised when he returns next tuesday.
  10. Shin_Igami
    speaking of work, I have to bring my ass around to translating that vampire page for Gantz Otaku
    damn, feeling so lazy
    I also have to continue working on that Gantz visual novel thing I was doing before the break - I finally got around to installing Office 2007 on my new laptop, so hopefully I should get something done.
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