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  1. Shin_Igami
    I am on vacation... Spending some quality time with my PS 2. PS 3 kicks ass, but RPG kick more ass. Well at least, Disgaea 3 is out, giving me a half decent Tactics RPG to play on the console when I return to aussieland... after I finish MGS 4, off-course...
    I will take charge of the FBI, investigating any UFO sighting and mercilessly slaughtering defenceless ETs
    That said, I since I am home, I haven't had a decent H-Game to play in a very long time. Sea Sun and PS2 is great, but having a functional torrent network is better imo
    That Said, It's kind of surprising how many "hentai"-games are actually Graphic Novels with minimal sexual content and very good scenario...
    OMFG it's a UFO!!!... no that was just the neighbour's cat...
  2. Popothepenguin
    I'm supposed to be on vacation still... but matters keep coming up bringing me back...

    Is Disgaea 3 good? I still have to play the second one. I loved the first one... Got Laharal to lv. 400.

    Dammit where is our Queen?
  3. darkus-s6
    your destiny lies in here posting in Offtopia, not on the real world, elol(quoting morten)
    and Disgaea sux, minesweeper is a much better alternative...

    @ Hadou, I'll check the Batman thing out.
  4. Popothepenguin
    Seth... YOU SUC! Minesweeper as in the crappy game built into the computer?
  5. darkus-s6
    minesweeper as in the movie and classic game of games built into windows. Also, you suk too (:
  6. Popothepenguin
    Haha, that video was hilarious!~
  7. morten
    Anyone plays mahjong on vista? My record is winning 25,4 % of all games (I sux).

    The RoneryFucks have a group userbar, should we make one too? I don't know if it's necessary though... but I wanna know how to upload a gallery into the group section. Maybe a premium feature...

    And, it's the third spam thread this week. Well, I thought about making a thread "Questions and Feedback" in the Gantz section and ask Tet to make it a sticky, but I would like to ask you guys first. On the other side, there'll be always pointless spam threads of some hopeless retards. I also thought about making an open group for Gantz, since there's the same discussion about it in the Narutard section. Maybe this will compensate some useless requests and feedbacks.

    Well, not very active today. I have to make a last work for my prof tomorrow, since he requested that my diploma work might be published in South Korea. Won't be much money for me though...
  8. darkus-s6
    n00b, I play mahjong on Ubuntu but my stats suck too: winning rate 97.4%, time record 1:42 min

    yeah, we need and user bar and some sort of bigger sig advertisement for a general gantz group.

    As for the new thread I say take a go at it or maybe suggest Tet to 'clean' and change the name of the FAQ to be broader and more open for newcomers to post their questions/feedback.

    Also, I'm trying to think of ways of making the 'Knocking on Oku's door' thread plan fail-proof. It would be something like linesyouwdnthear but asking Oku or some shit like that which I have yet to determine... what do you guys think?
  9. Cali
    @ Morten: My dear Minister of Ecchi Affairs and Editing Consensus, I have a very bothersome problem, which the Offtopia's Council of Shrub can't quite solve. I believe it's an issue that falls into your department, so I wonder if you could help me out.
    Would you happen to know what's the font used here?

    I have about 1600 fonts, and that font is not among them. It's pissing me off.
    EDIT: Found that "dream of me" font is pretty similar to it. Maybe I'll just go with that...

    On other issues, what's a "ronery"? Does it have anything to do with that Team America joke on that Korean guy?

    Also, the ST girls group is currently so small, makes me wonder about becoming a chick and announcing my woman-ness over there.

    @ Darkus: On "Knockin' on Oku's door", well, it seems fine to me ^^

    As for the helping hand issue: Maybe a new faq thread with updated into and wider as suggested, with posting guidelines to try and get some people to read them before creating a thread? (once again)
  10. Shin_Igami
    Video Game talk... nyuck nyuck...
    @Popo: Disgaia 3, I don't know. Have to try it. The highlights of Disgaia 2 are the side bosses, i'd say - The prism rangers, the defenders of earth (36th is back!!! Dood!!!), and... well, you can pass this bill in the senate... it's called - I want to fight an overlord - it unlocks a map where you get to fight a level 800 overlord from another world, and his level 600 fallen-angelic lover. Also, there is a map involving a guy who must be a "mid-boss" at best...
    Painfully Flat-chested Etna is available in the main story line. You can recruit Flonne by beating Laharl once, and Laharl(hahahahahahaha) himself by going for it the second time. Problem is, you are about level 50 when the Laharl map becomes available, which makes for a very frustrating 20 hours of level up before you can take him on. Just for the record, the end-boss is only level 80... lol...
    On crappy games, I used to have the a Go game on PC, but i lost it when I formatted my machine. Let's just say I just don't have the years of training required to play Go...
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