Off-topic Crew

  1. morten
    Ehm, got to check the image function too, maybe it doesn't work for

    We should declare this a republic with veto rights. Darkus is the primeminister in decision since he formed the group. Then I shall declare myself as Minister of Ecchi Affairs and Editing consensus. MGB is the Queen of our new bourn country, since he's the number one poster of OT. Any other chairs in proposition?

    Ah, going a bit crazy here...sorry.

    Edit: I just made this little fellow here...

  2. Cali
    You guys work fast.
    I see the empire is developing in a good pace.
    I declare myself Minister of Shrub affairs, which consist mainly in trying to be a shruberry.

    EDIT: That and Bollywood movies, such as Disco Dancer.
  3. Hadou
    O.k. so it's either my eyes after a general day at blockbuster, or I can't follow which post is before which. It looks like it's going from bottom to top but I could be wrong....Also Gotham Knight(anime) was pretty cool, great visuals, story imo was a bit weak in general, but that was ignored simply because the guy who has been doing Batman's voice for the last 15 years does it in all the anime sequences in it. def a watch and it even fills in some info on scarecrow.
  4. darkus-s6
    @Hadou; lol, is not blockbuster's fault, we are in bizarro world o_O
    Gotham Knight? is that like the animatrix for the new Batman movie?

    @Cali; man, now that you mention Bollywood some crazy images of Bangladesh women victims of acid attacks came to mind... and it is not something nice to visualize...

    @morten; :drools: I demand more pics!!! you are ratify as the Ecchi minister... ok, to much power hallucination... lawl
  5. Urameshi-sama
    Wow, this is an interesting new function. I'll have to get familiar with it later. I don't have much to say at the moment...but just wanted to test the group functions
  6. Cali
    So... Jyuu is a girl?

    That's never ocurred me.

    @ darkus: Gee, man, sorry for the reminder then \=

    @ mort: Yes, please, show us all your competence concerning your chair as the Ecchi minister. ^^
  7. morten
    He had a sex change recently. So you better don't mess with her... she's a merciless mean chick who crushes your e-nuts if ya' not beware...

    @darkus: Yes, my primeminister. I shall declare the credo of our country Offtopia: "Off-topic: One thread to rule them all", and every other group that messes with us will be declared Ecchi-wars after the old rules of gdfcommander (lol, that's a very old game).
    As ratified in my constitution I shall post random ecchi pics from time to time to fill in my position of Minister of Ecchi affairs (and Editing consensus)

    I wonder how many pics I can post here, put today it shall only be one thumb to celebrate this glorious day:

    Long shall our Queen MGB live!
  8. Cali
    I was happy and hoppy, thinking I'd get to see the new Akuma video for Street Figther IV, and then "Kapuft!" This sucks; do you guys know anything about this veoh being no longer available in Brazil deal?
    I think I'll have my first deed as the Minister of Shrub Affairs any of these days, with the marvelous and improved "Cali's guide to defeat the Nurarihyon", portraiting the one and only true way to defeat this magnificent beast.
    Along, of course, my dearly and very delayed almost myth-like HA scanlation.
  9. etufo
    So whose going on vacation?
  10. Hadou
    Thats the first trailer I ever saw for the batman one Iw as talking about it was on appleseed 2(ex machina) and you guys can fish from there. Just got back from watchign Wanted, Hancock, and Wall-e....I suggest watching the first and third over number two. But yeah Gotham Knnight is kinda like animatrix, but all the segments interlock within each other rather than just stand alone stories.
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