Off-topic Crew

  1. darkus-s6
    @ Popo: lol, the guy is more random than me an Shego together xD, but if you all guys want him in, then sure. BDR is banned so no point there, DX isn't even active and GvsN...., maybe Forbidden Gundam... lol
    I think Jakko posted only once, and I might as well invite SD since he is somewhat a regular in the OT

    @Shin; I thought the same about this, but posting in here is somewhat of a less spammy alternative for off-topicness, and amazingly is been more active today in here that in the OT thread
  2. Popothepenguin
    Not really, SD just pops in occassionally and makes fun of us.
  3. Popothepenguin
    Did you read spurgu's group??? We totally dominated it.
  4. darkus-s6
    well, thats what I meant with the somewhat

    And yeah, this thang rulez!!! (for now maybe o_O...)
  5. Popothepenguin
    I'm bored. That bastard DHL truck guy hasn't come yet and if he doesn't at all today then I am going to go fucking beserk on my asurion company.
  6. darkus-s6
    wait, weren't you going somewhere and what is an asurion?
  7. Popothepenguin
    Yeah, my grandparents rented a beachhouse about 30 minutes away and I was planning to stay there the whole time. I meant to say my insurance company Asurion that said they were going to bring my new phone to my new house today, but they've already fooled me twice. I'm not going to be happy if they don't show up a third time that they said they would.
  8. morten
    Ah no, please not Ohsiris. He's an annoying pain in the arse...
    I don't know if we should invite mods, since this is our very private zone... (elol). We can do all the inappropriate things we can get banned for...
    There's another group? Got to check out Spurgu's profile...

    Guess we can use this board to arrange certain times for post storms on OT. Would be cool to get all off-topics together in one time.
    Oh, and someone should tell Hadou of this, whe he's around again.

    Edit: LOLZ, Anonymus sux ballz!
    Edit2: We could invite dna2playboy later if he posts more, he's cool. And I try to get jaimie1990 to post in the off-topic thread. He's a neat homie.
  9. Popothepenguin
    Instead of bitching about my phone company like I did in the original post, I'd like to note that all your profile post virginity is belong to me!!!

    @Morten: Everything you said sounds good. Ohsirus is as annoying as hell but he used to be 10x worse. Has he PM'd you yet? Yeah, get Dna and Jaim to post on the offtopic thread. It was never really meant to be exclusive.
  10. darkus-s6
    ..i don't think so Popo.
    as for the exclusivity of this place and inducting new member, I think I can make the group public(no invitation required) if you all prefer it that way, but imo it is fine as it is, at least for now. Also I'll wait for the rest of the 'crew' to join before inviting new members.
    On a side note, I just came up with an idea for a thread in the gantz section. It has high... very high fail potential, just check the title: "Knocking on Oku's door" xD

    EDIT. ok a trial quote and picture to see if this works right...
    quoting doesn't work
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