New Member Help Squad

  1. Spurgu
    Hahhahhahaaaaa, I get the first post!!!

    PM me for whatever problem you got, site related or not.

    Trollers, you're welcome to PM me too. :G
  2. kaom
    First off, here's a quick rundown of the sections of the site you might need to know about:

    Announcements - Get your site news here.
    The Help Section - Having a technical problem with the site or with the downloads? Post it here. (Be sure to follow the posting guidelines.)
    Feedback - If you'd like to give some site feedback, this is the place to do it.
    DC++ Hub and IRC Discussion - Interested in learning more about the hub or discussing IRC? Check this out.
    Download Requests and Recommendations - If you're looking for a specific manga, this is where to get help. (Make sure you search before posting, though!)
    Webbie Ads - Have another website you'd like to advertise? Please post about it here.
    Bittorrent/IRC Download Problems and Techical Support - Post here if you're looking for help with your computer or BT and IRC.

    And last but not least, if you're looking to post and introduce yourself - Chit Chat is what you're looking for! New threads are made for introductions periodically, but the current welcome thread is here.

    Finally, please make sure to read the site rules before posting!
  3. kaom
    Way to go, Spruggo. =p

    More seriously, I said "no flamers" because I'd like this to be a welcoming environment. ^^

    I can be reached by private message as well (however, I believe you need ten posts before you're able to send one).
  4. Spurgu
    I'm not flaming lol, I am serious, afterall I am a old member + I know the rules well. :P

    and damn you, I was already 2/5 done on the same thing you just posted. :G
  5. darkus-s6
    I might give you guys a hand.

    A link to this group should be provided on the announcements section and on the new-members thread.
  6. kaom
    Haha, thanks darkus, good idea! I'll PM Kane and see what he thinks about giving this a mention in Announcements.
  7. Raszagal
    Im in!! Yay!
    I agree with darkus, It should be easier for the newbies to find this group and ask questions regarding the forum or other things. I dont mind helping out with that^
  8. sakura_hana
    I'm in.
    Now aren't we people so nice?
  9. AtrumIncendia
    This doesn't seem much like a new member group.
  10. kaom
    Hah, Atrum, it's not just meant for new members (although I would be very happy if this served as a resource for any). Regulars are welcome to ask questions, too.

    Besides, the social groups themselves are very new. Give it time. ^^

    @sakura and Razzy - woohoo! Welcome! I sent that PM to Kane yesterday, I'll post as soon as I get a response.
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