HXH Group

  1. infamouse
    We talk about HXH here but first go but first we need to get more members.
  2. infamouse
    Hello henchy and morten this is where true HXH fans gather and I am glad you guys join the group. Now I have one questions, does anyone how to make those sigs that the roney group have because I want one for this group
  3. infamouse
    People the group is a public group so you should be able to join with out me inviting you

    triple post
  4. Black Sheep
    Joined. Now let's all speculate when HxH finally returns...

    Though let's not forget about the thread.
  5. pulp_chicken
    I will be a more quiet poster and rather read your discussions.

    Didn't see that it's open public for all, sorry.
  6. infamouse
    Err i heard it was a ten week break right so when was the last release
  7. Jeinkas
    Joinage! I started reading around the end of June anad got hooked. Too bad it paused though. Now I can only wait for the hiatus to end to see if I will stay hooked

    To kick start some discussion, let's start with the basics. Who's your favourite character? Mine is Kuroro Lucifer. His book of awesome is awesome. Spoiler for those who haven't read so far:

    I can't wait to see what other powers he's stolen, but on the other hand, I can bet that he will lose to Gon (and I always dislike main characters, he is no exception) if the nen eraser removes the chain. Though I wonder, if that guy erases Kurapika's Judgement, would Lucifer have to carry around some kind of mascot as well?

    *Laughs at the image of him having a parrot on the shoulder*
  8. SnakeShake
    My favorite is still Hisoka, though we didn't see him in a while.
    I hope HxH will be back soon. Good to see so many fans on this forum rooting for this manga.
  9. Jeinkas
    Yeah, I like Hisoka too. And Feitang. I pretty much like all of the Genei Ryodan. Other than that Shaupufu is pretty funny too. His random outbursts of tears makes me want to die laughing. I just hope he doesn't die.
  10. Kamuil

    I think my favs are Gon and Killua, well to tell the truth I like alot of the characters.
    I hope it starts up again soon its been getting pretty good.

    but I'm glad the DVDs are finally coming out this year!
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