Cult of Urasawa

  1. MGB
    Well, here it is. I hope that youíll all enjoy it. Itís no sub-forum, but at least we have somewhere to discuss his work now. And this place will especially come in handy later this month, when his latest title debuts.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with Naoki Urasawa's work, check out his Wiki page.
  2. jamie1990
    Naoki Urasawa is a cool guy.
    HAve any of you happened to read Blue Heaven by Tsutomu Takahashi? It's interesting to see a completely different take on a quite similar premise. I think Takahashi may well have been a bit inspired by Monster when he was writing it . Or maybe he wrote it before Monster came out... I don't know, I haven't checked the dates.
  3. Cali
    I believe the concept of a "nameless monster" and the devilish development of mental solitude is older than both, though.
  4. Shin_Igami
    I don't quite get just what exactly he intends to make out of a Marvel style US comic, but well, considering it's Urasawa, we'll have to wait and see
  5. Cali
    Have any of you guys read "Another Monster"? I still haven't read all of Stephen's translations at mangascreener.
    What about the new "Monster perfect edition" or something?
    Had some ideas about adding a few topics for discussion here, like how many of Urasawa's works do the members know, and which is their favorite and why... or something like that. What do you guys think?
  6. MGB
    Cali--I havenít read it yet, but a friend who has gave me quick run-down of what to expect from it, and it didnĎt sound all that interesting. Still, it does seem to give further insight on the plot, so Iíll get around to it eventually, though itís not a priority.

    Edit: Get Billy Bat chapter 1 here.
  7. shautieh
    Shame on me, I had to look him up to see he was the guy who made Monster :P
  8. Cali
    Even though I just love Urasawa (hard not to, after reading Monster), I only know a few of his titles. I've read 20th Century Boys (and 21stcb too, of course), all scanlated chapters of Pluto, as well as Happy (though I have all of Happy raw volumes). I also have Master Keaton on DVD, but I haven't watched it yet.
    Among those I've read, not only Urasawa's works, I find Monster to be pratically the greatest story ever - even though Literature and comics have a vast number of excellent titles such as Calvino's "Inexistent Knight" (dunno if that's how it was adapted in English) or Saramago's "Stone Raft". I'll re-state like this: Monster is just as good as any other "the best possible story ever made".
    I'd develop the idea of why I think Monster is such a beautiful work, but I'll pass for now. ^^'
  9. morten
    One of Urasawa's first works...

    N.A.S.A. raw
  10. Cali
    @mort: Is it just one volume?

    Hey, you guys have already watched the 20th Century Boys live action?
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