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  1. Shin_Igami
    I've said this before - What he intended doesn't matter. Whether he had rules backing him doesn't matter either. Hell, it doesn't even matter if he's morally or legally right for that matter. What matters is what non-insiders and the people on the receiving end feel - he said it himself -if you find him on a bad day, don't expect any quarter; No one is OBLIGED to factor in anyone's feelings when making a judgement call. The decision to ban being a judgement call, that was the kind of rationale that got Mort banned, isn't it?

    Just for the record, because you did bother answering, I've never looked down on mods as power freaks, and despite everything that's been said, even if the whole bloody internet agrees on it, I won't call Jyuu ANYTHING until i've seen it for myself.
    A mod is a person who takes up a lot of shit from a lot of people, usually for no reason at all, and don't even get a pat on the back for it, let alone paid. That alone, deserves respect.

    Edit: On group request, this post was edited it was deemed off-topic by the rest of the group. I've kept what i thought was directly relevant to Steal's reply, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, to anyone, especially him. I still stand by what I said in it though.
  2. R3dKnight
    Thanks Kane.
  3. Henchy432
    Guys, I think we should be on are best behavior. Our voices were heard and we should be thankful for that.
  4. sakura_hana
    Kane is the man.
  5. StealDragon
    This is probably going to be my last post in this discussion.

    Re: Shin Igami

    1. I don't think I've ever give anyone any reason to complain about me. And if anyone has complaints I have a PM box that they need to learn how to use instead whining behind my back. No if ands or buts... Thats it. End of story.

    2. You're damn right I have contempt for that thread. Its nothing overly personal but its common knowledge on this forum that I despise any and all spam threads. I tried to get Confess Your Mess locked, I avoid the Forum Games section, I don't participate in any of those "How are you feeling right now" threads, I dont do any of that shit. Hell the OT thread shouldn't even exist and if I remember correctly it was created because Tet just wanted to contain the ridiculous volume of spam the Gantz forum churned out. I won't quote Tet because I cant and I shouldn't but I will say I do remember him mentioning the off topic thread as a reason he wasnt here. Take it up with him if you want to be sure.

    3. I didn't say anything about a dog eat dog website, don't misquote me.

    4. You will see why I called it a coup. Thats exactly what it is, when the leadership is effectively overthrown and left to the mercy of the constituency. The result of all of this? If you feel we're not treating you nicely you get to put our asses on the firing line. So God forbid you or one of your friends screws up and earns a ban, if you act all butthurt and whine about how unfair you think it is, thats my job in jeopardy, thats 98's job in jeopardy, thats Jyuu's job in jeopardy. That comprimises my ability to do my job correctly if I have to worry about whether your feelings get perturbed during the process of warning/banning someone. It may not be you but I'm damn sure someone is out there reading this just salivating at that possibility. Coup. De. Tat.

    5. You say undercutting the pecking order like its a bad thing. If you have a problem with that mod then you take it to them and you explain your situation. If you understand the situation and you dont like it, then answer is not to go to Kane and have him overturn the decision. But you guys dont even do that, you just sit and seethe until Kane ends up with dozens of complaint PMs and me and the mod team are left with our pants around our ankles because NO ONE ever comes to us with a complaint. Theres a system and people don't know how to follow it or are just willingly ignoring it.

    6. I don't care about power or its relationship to respect. I just expect a level of civility from the members that if they have a complaint they do something about it, not make snide posts in off kilter threads and then broadside people with an array of complaints.

    7. Bad day good day whatever. Thats the difference for me between a two day ban and a warning. For Jyuu thats either a permaban or 150 days. Morten was banned for constantly antagonizing the mod team and constantly butting heads with us rather than do the smart thing and go with the flow and change things like that, not publicly bemoaning his situation and calling for the firing of people.

    8. On your "worst possible combination for a mod" You're absolutely wrong. Thats not the case at all. Apparently what people want is methodical applications of the rules because when we go with our gut you get enraged and call us unfair. You cant have it both ways.
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