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  1. BlueDemon
    Okay, so Iīll post something too.Even if it turns to be a total fail.

    About your last post SD.Tell me how many such cases did you have?I have to confess I got no idea of other incidents where the mods were involved,except of the Mart case.
    In the old days [when I wasnīt really active] it could have been the way you said.But you still can discuss this stuff over with the members - it doesnīt kill you.
    If thereīs no time,give up the job and let someone who has enough time to lead a nice discussion have it.Who?I donīt know - but it doesnīt solve anything if all you say is "we donīt have the patience anymore".

    I may miss some important facts or something,but thatīs how I view things.I mean there are tens of forums where mods and members get along with each other, and which have existed some time before ST. So why canīt it function here? Okay,morten was kinda pissed,but Ura,Cali,darkus and the others are ready to discuss.Why canīt you have the patience to do it.I mean you said WE are kids,but come on,prove to us that YOU arenīt....

    Thatīs all I have to say for now.And I really how things work out,cuz it will be really sad if only you and the "old crew" remain here...and of course the lurkers and the "newer" members. Then of course,you can have the WHOLE forums for yourselves....

    And about rules: Rules are there so people know what they should and what they shouldnīt do.But sometimes,there are exceptions,and mods should be flexible enough to think of the best way to deal with things [specific example : How can silv advertise for the site when itīs down?Or even for MU? You can clearly see he only wants to inform the people of what happened -> we got a brain to differentiate different cases from another...]
  2. sakura_hana
    oh lol, I just copy pasted them again from the same god damn pm.
    sorry. was totally thinking of something else , it was mechanical.
  3. Henchy432
    Currently Active Users: 205 (37 members and 168 guests)

    This is my point Steal, when I first joined this place was hopping. I truly doubt that you guys(Mods) are fighting against a wall of the Persian army.
  4. StealDragon
    The bust enlargement thread was bought up by me in the mod forum. I don't mod Gantz and if I did it would have been deleted. I can only say it exists, beyond that its up to Tet or Jyuu. TBH the fact its four pages long is you guy's fault because you know it doesnt belong there and you still managed to throw ~80 posts at it. So don't come to me about our inactivity because you certinaly ain't helping. Not posting in the thread and letting it sink off the forum is as effectual as a lock, we shouldn't have to force you to do the right thing. Considering how understaffed we are you think a little common sense would dictate you guys who have been here a while should be helping out a bit. But thats neither here nor there, the point is just because no mod saw that thread and had the chance to lock it means its content is okay with us. If we had known it was there we would have taken action. Did any of you PM one of us to say that the thread was there and needed to be removed? Im damn sure if you had to any one of us, we would have forwarded it immediately and Jyuu would have done it... just like he did to Silverado's thread.

    I cant say too much about morten because I dont know exactly what he posted. Im not omnicient on this forum, I dont see every post in every forum. I can only speak for myself, what I have personally witnessed here in the past, and what I know to be true. I will work to get explicit rules posted in Chit Chat, if not I'll make them my damned self.


    Jyuu did not flame him. I swear you guys throw that word around so much you don't even realize how much meaning you're causing it to lose. You want flaming I can show you flaming. Jyuu is making pithy remarks to precede a ban, necessary? No. But its his discretion whether or not he wants to be polite to someone breaking the rules. If Silverado is such a worthwhile and useful member with a history here, then he should know the rules and that makes his infraction all the more worthy of his punishment. Now if you want to be all emotional about it and call it offensive thats your prerogative but in no uncertain terms can I say, that you are seriously overreacting if you think what Jyuu posted is crossing the line and "offensive".

    Silverado's post is just wrong. Without resorting to namecalling I'm going to try to tell you that it just doesnt belong in Chit Chat.

    1. Its about manga
    2. It involves scanlation groups
    3. Its informing about an alternative manga site
    4. It advertises an alternative to said manga site
    5. It references his personal server.


    There is no fucking way you can justify him posting that there, especially if by your own references he is a longtime member and respected poster of this site!!! It makes no goddamn sense! By all accounts and merits he should have known better. DEAL WITH IT.


    First and foremost, mods do not under any circumstances consult with members or take recommendatios about the lenthgs of other members bans. Part of being a mod is doling out punishments and it is at our own discretion. If the person being banned doesn't like the length of their ban they can formally appeal to the Administrator to have it checked out again. No way in hell are we coming to you and asking you how long you think we should ban your friends for. No. Way.

    Secondly theres over 16,000 deleted posts of advertisements and spam from my promotion at least. In give or take a year and a half thats nearly SEVEN HUNDRED threads, SIXTEEN THOUSAND posts. It gets fucking annoying. Just because you dont see it doesn't mean it isnt happening, it means we're doing our job and doing it well.

    Thirdly I like to think that the mods and members here get along quite well, we started IRC rooms with members, we post the same way you do, hell we even occasionally spam a bit just for the humor of it. But when we have to do work, we do the work! Its not always puppies, kitties, and candy. Just because you're my friend doesn't mean I'm going to let everything slide. I don't care if thats how it is on other forums, this aint those places. You really need to realize this fact. If you're threatening to leave because of this well I'll be the first to tell you, as someone who's done it before you several times, and someone who's watched other people do it... Theres the door. I won't tell you which option is the mature one to make, it should be obvious.

    On a final note, there are no exceptions to the rules. Thats why they're called rules.

    Meh. A snapshot of the number of people online tells you nothing except who's at their computer any given second. I was there when the record was set at 2,100 people, and guess what? It looked just like a regular day as well.
  5. Cali
    EDIT: Ok.

    Steal, is "dumbass, get the fuck out" not offensive?
  6. sakura_hana

    fine, so you're understaffed. okay. (although I'm pretty sure I reported that a long time ago and I'm certain there are others who did it, if not me)
    you didn't see it. okay. fair enough.

    but that was my weakest argument.

    I cant say too much about morten because I dont know exactly what he posted. Im not omnicient on this forum, I dont see every post in every forum. I can only speak for myself, what I have personally witnessed here in the past, and what I know to be true. I will work to get explicit rules posted in Chit Chat, if not I'll make them my damned self.

    here is his post:
    JCAFE DOWN: Is the end of the world approaching?

    what I'm asking you (again) is to compare that with the other links cali updated.
  7. BlueDemon
    SD :

    1)I actually meant for you (the Mods) to discuss this thing with the individual,before banning him (and I donīt mean it in every case,cuz then youīd go crazy....)

    2) Thatīs not what I meant.That IS your job, and of course itīs time consuming and whatnot.But I mean these peculiar cases.I mean you ban silv for opening a thread in chitchat,but Issalroc is still "alive" (he REALLY spams,and what can I say bout his newest thread?)

    I can more or less get what you mean and I bet that sometimes it isnīt easy,but:
    Was it really necessary to ban Silv?
    And the thing with the friends and what you say is right,I wouldnīt want that.But in some cases (again,not in all) itīs sometimes better to take another look at the whole thing before pushing the button.

    On a final note, things around here will remain like theyīve always been as long as Kane does nothing. You guys will do what you think is right, and thatīs that.But I hope you can also see some things from our point of view.
  8. Cali
    There's a difference between bots advertising stuff, which can be deleted and banned altogether, and real people posting useful info; one can notice the difference by the post counts and the join dates.
    "Rules are rules", to assume there's an absolute power is a big friggin lie, and everyone should know it.
    I concur that they are meant to improve the quality of a community, and that's not the case here, since it raised such a ruckus.
    Being able to discern the purpose of people, to actually try understanding someone else's reason for doing whatever mistakes they suposedly committed, in my opinion, should be part of the duty of a high administrative power.
    I already stated all I had to state on the matter. I still believe I'm being coherent.
  9. Digital_Eon
    Okay, I can't comment on the Silverado thing because it's not my subforum, and I wasn't involved. But with morten... You guys can see the thread he made in General Anime/Manga about the topic. I let it be at first because, although I was also concerned that it was advertising and should belong in Webbie Ads, I... was lazy. And it was anime/manga-related, after all.

    It's closed for a reason, and I did inform the other moderators of it. As Steal has mentioned, morten has been a persistent problem for us mods. He's not respectful, and I don't believe this is the first time he's done something like this. There's nothing wrong with being upset about something, but it isn't okay for him to start protests and try to get people de-modded without even going to those involved. As much as I hate to say it, Steal's right - this isn't a democracy. We mods also need to follow the rules, but we also deserve respect enough to be spoken to directly about problems... not just ignored while hateful talk spreads. If you don't respect us, then this isn't the forum for you.

    If you have a problem with a moderator's decision or the moderator themselves, you take it to the moderator. If they are unwilling to listen or you don't feel the issue has been resolved, you take it to the admin. There is a thread on this in the News forum entitled "Reporting Moderator Abuse". If anyone had a valid complaint, or if you still have one, those options are open to you. Posting a thread attacking a moderator, or posting in the thread, is not okay. Doing the same about any member is not okay.

    Morten's ban is absolutely valid, in my opinion (although I was not the one who banned him), and it isn't even permanent. Again, I can't speak for Silverado since it is not my section nor my responsibility. The moderators and admin are always willing to listen, and that's a much better route to take than gathering a ton of forumgoers to mod-bash... as happened in that thread.
  10. StealDragon
    Cali: It depends on whether you take it to heart. Im pretty sure most of you are calling us authoritative pricks and power-drunk internet nerds, but you don't see me taking it to heart.

    The vast majority of those sixteen thousand posts are not made by bots, so dont get confused as to what I'm referring to. We get a couple dozen bot posts on the forum per year. Nothing compared to what our regular members do when they decide to fuck up. Funnily enough because they all say the same thing you're saying. Rules are rules period means that I ban Zerocold96 for an oversized sig the same way I ban some 1 post noob with a wallpaper in his sig spac.e, even though I know he was around when the rule was implemented. Lapses of judgement are just as annoying as straight up ignorance and apathy. Thats what I mean when I say rules are rules. I don't care if you just "slipped up". If you did it you get punished. Whether it was your intent. And as for differing situations, if I feel like giving you a chance, I will, if not then peace be with you. Im absolutely sure Jyuu feels the same way. Theres no rule declaring we have to be merciful if you fuck up. You just better hope that if you do (which you shouldn't ever) that we catch you on a good day. Don't like it? Too bad. Its how it was before I got here, its how I worked and posted before I was a mod, Its how I work and post now that I'm a mod. This shit aint new so either get with the program or take your chances with the consequences.

    BlueDemon: We do pm members for some infractions that we feel they might need a chance to fix, small stuff like dupe threads, oversized sigs, spam, etc. But do not get the wrong idea, none of those benefits are guaranteed to anyone. You should know the rules when you first start posting and its your obligation as a member to follow them. And if we don't feel like doling out PM's then we wont.

    Issalroc is trying to be the new AKofC. Nuff said. He's been banned a hundred times already but unfortunately for you, he ironically does not post in the wrong section. Funny thing huh? As for his spam? Your fellow forum members shit their panties when I bought it up that there should be a higher quality of posting in Chit Chat. Damn near started a revolt when I said that half of the threads there were just RSTs and should be deleted. So if you wanna blame someone for spam on this forum, look around you at your fellow members. Apparently you guys like to think that shit is what passes for a post.

    PS. None of you have the right to post SHIT about other peoples spam btw considering the crap you post in the the Gants OT Thread. That shit should make you hang your heads in shame. Why the fuck do you think Tet left?

    PS2. This thread is not going to do nothing, its going to deseminate information about how things work here so next time you don't get the wrong idea. Silverado's ban might get reduced, it may not, but the point remains you guys need to get clear, and I mean CRYSTAL FUCKING CLEAR, how things work. Because apparently no one seems to really know other than the mods. And we're working on fixing that on our end, so all you need to do is pay attention, by all means put in your two cents, and go about your day.

    Sakura: I saw that and if it said what I thought it said then Morten had it coming. He knows how this forum works. Insulting a mod is like daring someone with a gun to shoot you. Its just not smart. I keep telling him this and somehow his dumb ass keeps thinking that butting heads with the mods and obnoxiously demanding they be fired is the way to get something done. If he was smart he'd go with the flow, gain some influence, and work with us to get shit done like most of the other members who didn't like how some things were done. Vets like him that have been here a while and know how things work. He's not new here. He should know better but he just insists on being a prick. Ive fallen to now just be apathetic to his situation because of our history, but I completely understand why my coworkers hate his bleeding guts.

    Comparing his thread to other threads is pointless, it doesnt show your point any better, and all your succeeding in doing is bringing to our attention threads we may have missed. You seem to be under the misconception that we are conciously allowing those threads to exist and are condoning their material. You are wrong. If any of the mods had the power they would close them instantly. Jyuu has that power but like me he is not omnicient and doesn't see everything everywhere.
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