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  1. darkus-s6
    Lapses of judgement, slipping up, giving chances if you will, not guaranteeing the benefits of the warnings after infractions, and other interesting points are giving by you SD. But are the decisions to be made that ‘arbitrarily’? Aren’t there parameters in the behavior even when a mod decides to ban? Shouldn’t the control measures be guided appropriately?

    Even though there is a communication gap between the upper levels of authority and the members, and some things are not as crystal clear as they should, there is this to help us have an assertive opinion on the matter at hand. Reporting Moderator Abuse
    There were some excess…

    PS. On the remark mentioning Tetnubis. Even if it is true, let the man speak for himself on that matter and in another place. We discuss here other issues.

  2. Henchy432
    Steal, didn't you start your own forum because you didn't like how some of the things where happening here. Hello pot...

    You are something. What, I can't say.
  3. StealDragon
    Henchy I already, in fewer vaguer words, referred to that. I know what I did and that option is open to whoever wants it. But when I came back to this site... I knew how things worked and had alot less friction. So yeah... I dunno what you're trying to get at...
  4. Digital_Eon
    If the measures have not been followed, then you speak to a moderator or admin about that with your reasoning. Moderator abuse is definitely a bad thing if/when it occurs.

    But that's how you dispute a ban, and if the proper guidelines have been followed (and maybe you just like the person), it's not guaranteed to work. Still, that very thread specifies how to deal with that situation, and it is always open to you. Doing what morten does is not going to get you anywhere right (not that anyone has done this to my knowledge, but just to let you know). If we are to follow those very rules, and we do, then the members should as well. =)
  5. Kevin Shiel
    Kevin Shiel
    These members have been unbanned. If you have questions PM me.
  6. darkus-s6
    v Thanks for reconsidering the initial decision.
  7. StealDragon
    I just want to say for the record I'm incredibly pissed at you guys. Youre pulling a ridiculous coup d’état here. You may think that we're all picking on you but when I look into threads and see you out there calling me Stealfag and whatnot because I didnt bend over and take your bullshit up the ass... Then you have the goddamn gaul, the freaking impudence to wonder why we don't show you guys compassion when you fuck up?! Im out here wracking my brain to find you guys loopholes and ways to contest your punishments for the stupid little indescretions you rack up and thats how you return the favor. See how far you get now. You wanna change things, do it your damned selves. Im f'ing done.
  8. Yummy Lingo
    thank you kane....

    i had this huge write up that i wanted to post yesterday, but i think it's pretty redundant now...

    welcome back morten...
  9. Shin_Igami
    Steal, you know, everyone has been bloody complaining about you in every thread i looked, but personally, from i could tell from your posts in OT, you weren't anywhere as bad as people made you out to be... but seriously, i had no idea you had so much "CONTEMPT" for us in OT. So you think we're why Tet stopped posting? This here is a COUP D'etat? YOU were trying to help us by finding loopholes (hard to tell from your posts). You know, Mort personally told me he didn't want me to leave ST on his account, but after reading stuff like "this is a privately owned dog eats dog website - if you mess up you better make damn sure it's on my good day or you're gone" and if you "can't respect us, go somewhere else"... i seriously don't know what to think. On one hand, I respect Kane, admire everything ST stands for, and owe most of my online acquaintances to ST, but that's not the kind of post that's very condusive to making people stay, is it?
    As for coup d'etat, i don't think that's the right word - "undercutting the pecking order" is more like it. Damn, now i'm arguing semantics. Must show how shell shocked i'm by everything i've read so far. Here i was thinking a forum was a friendly community with nothing but occasional fuck up that mods fixed fast... thanks for opening my eyes... Now i have a real definition to work with.
    For the record, power doesn't equal respect - anyone can be born a king. Respect, you have to earn.
    As for how far i'll get, i'll go as far as i can, and if it's not enough, i'll just go somewhere else.
  10. Digital_Eon
    Well, I can understand why he's pissed. The point is that we ALL need to treat other people with respect, mods or not. And no, it's not that friendly at the moment, on both sides. That's the big problem here. =/

    Shin_Igami, he's also reacting to a certain post by a certain member...
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