The Gantz room.

  1. morten
  2. Popothepenguin
    Just what we need. More Gantz talk!
  3. morten

    Well, we can do the essential talk here till the real post frenzy begins (ever) - like who's your favorite character or why do you like Gantz?

    In order of personal favour: Izumi, Nishi, Kurono, HS and Sei Sakuraoka (I root for bad-ass characters).

    I can't explain why I'm addicted to Gantz, it just happen when I decided to read the first 100 chapters one afternoon and couldn't stop anymore (Addiction hit me very hard...)
  4. Popothepenguin
    I was just joking Morten. You should send invites to all the other guys who post nonofftopic.

    Badasses are always interesting but my fave character is still Katou. He may be awkward at moments but I still think he has the most potential out of any of the gantzers.

    I think HS is pretty dominant also. He's the most badass character for any manga I've read recently. It's also cool with his unknown background and abnormally nonchalant attitude.

    I am addicted to Gantz because Oku puts visual nicotine on every page.
  5. SnakeShake
    An open join group for Gantz is a good idea to get more contact with regular posters. I already joined the HxH group.
    Kaze ist still my favorite, though he failed twice with the bosses he's still one of the strongest Gantzers and I doubt that he will die leaving Takeshi alone. They both remind me of the Lone wolf and cub manga.
    I read Naruto, but it started to annoy me, so I changed to Gantz as my favorite manga, after I read like the first 80-90 chapters I was hooked. I guess ST has the biggest Gantz community around, that makes it kind of a special forum.
  6. Shin_Igami
    Lo! Behold! SHIN-SAMA T3H L337 H4XXORZ IS HERE!!!
    On Kaze, I always have had mixed feelings. He IS the strongest Gantzer, but like Osaka Arc just Showed, Surviving is more about making smart moves, using teamwork and keeping the melee fighting to a minimum. A gantzer who is pure power despite all that is cool, no doubt, but not the most useful thing in the world...
  7. LotW89
    omg we should talk with everyone about gantz, so our heads will explode xD
  8. morten

    Lol, I want hundreds of members and regulars! Biggest Gantz club around the web... and then world domination.
  9. darkus-s6
    don't you dare bypass mah authoritah!!
    I rulez da wourld!!!

    srsly tho, I though there would be a ton more of Gantz regulars joining this group by now :S
  10. Popothepenguin
    Have the invites been sent out yet? Maybe we should all carry a link?
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