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    Default Ever wish a manga can continue forever?

    Have any of you guys and gals ever like a manga so much that you wish the story would just continue on even when the story is over, just to see how the characters are doing? If so, feel free to list those manga and share your thoughts about them.

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    I'd love to see BECK continue for a little bit more.
    And i'd love to see Blame! and Biomega continue.

    just to see how the characters are doing?
    Lawl. I wonder how Bokurano characters are doing, cough cough.

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    One Piece xD
    But I really wanna see how it ends at the same time ^^

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    Blue Falcon


    No. All good manga must end.

    But for manga that I wish would've gone on longer?

    Okay, that wasn't a really good answer, but I'm blanking out.

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    Mx0, definitely. It was just getting to the interesting part of a new arc, and got cut off like that... really no closure.

    Hmm... other than that, I wouldn't mind reading the continuation of some of Adachi's works. Rough, for example. Even though I thought the ending left off at a good point, it would have been nice to see the developing romance further, and the reactions of the parents, and the rest of the cast. Hiatari Ryoukou and Katsu could have gone further as well. And Itsumo Misora and Niji-Iro Togarashi definitely. But they're also okay where they ended (except Itsumo Misora. That could have gone much better.)

    On the reverse side, I can think of one story which should have had an ending, but didn't. School Rumble could have been so much better with a conclusive end, instead of the mess that was SR Z.

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    i like my series to have an end - either around 50 chapters for a short series, and 100 chapters for a long one. i feel that an awesome finale should be part of any great series =)

    slice of lifes are an exception though - it's the nature of the genre that doesn't really lend itself to an ending. might be part of the reason i'm not so fond of that genre

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    D.Gray-Man. D.Gray-Man. D.Gr- okay, it hasn't ended yet, but I feel like I never want it to. Epic ending battle, yes please, but it's got an interesting setting and I like the chapters that show us more of the strange semi-Victorian world of the series. More importantly, though, I'd be really curious to know if certain characters are affected by spending their entire life isolated in one building and used as child soldiers. They seem to be okay now... but I would love to see them adjust to a normal life that they've never experienced. But I probably take this series too seriously.

    Otherwise... no, not really. While I'm not always satisfied by the ending of a story, I don't usually find myself wanting to read more. Occasionally, I'd like a little flash-forward to the distant future (e.g. I'd have liked to see a little more of the Beauty Pop characters as adults), but unless an ending was particularly unsatisfying and didn't really provide any conclusion whatsoever to an otherwise interesting series... not usually. I think I'll be quite satisfied with the endings of my other favourite series, just as I was with, say, Inuyasha.

    Totally agree that School Rumble should have had a proper ending, though.

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    ara-ara...truth be told, I was thinking making a thread like this >.< cuz I own a series that ended in six volumes but somehow it seems like there's going to be a continuation of the manga
    ...anyone ever read Real Bout HighSchool...??
    towards the end, the manga showed how everyone's doing at the end [or continuing on with their life] but the author introduces a mysterious character hidden in the shadow while the principal is talking to him about the main characters of the just feels like it's foreshadowing another storyline. I liked this manga and wish it did have a continuation...:sigh:

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    yup! i wish ONE PIECE will continue ... and SHAMAN KING ...

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    Slam Dunk.... ended...kind of lame, wanted to see more
    glad prince of tennis came back
    LOL captain tsubasa seems to go on and on and on

    thats all sports um...

    Beck, yeah.

    but hmm...nothing lasts forever


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