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    Smile Currently, what are your favorite animes and mangas ? D-Gray Man, Full Metal Alchemy,

    Claymore is a anime superb, ADVENTURE,FANTASY & MYTH

    Personally, this series is superb. There is action, intrigue, adventure. The sets are beautiful just like the characters.
    The characters are well developed.

    Anime has watch, both soft and hard, which offers us an interesting adventure, with heavy fighting and engaging characters but whose end is a little disappointing.

    Witchblade is a mixture of action,drama, fantasy, myth. warning very violent.

    In 22nd-Century Japan, Masane Amaha, one of the surviving catastrophe that destroyed Tokyo becomes the latest in an ancient line of women-only warriors to wield the mysterious sentient weapon known only throughout history as "the Witchblade". Protecting her little girl, she will face her worst fear.

    The action remains focused on the desire for a mother to want live in peace with her daughter, while being a warrior holds the weapon most feared of all. Masama and daughter are particularly endearing. The story doesn't slow down and although it seems a bit complicated is very well explained over the events and investigations of the characters. Highly recommended.

    Black cat,i loved. This anime is great.

    This serie's nice and quality, whether at the script or graphics.

    The presence of characters of Eve and the sparkling Rinslet gives a touch sweet and sparkling. Despite the darkness of the main theme. Story manages to retain a certain freshness where humor is not to rest and is neatly distilled by small buttons.

    Finally, overall we have a wide range of characters who all have a quality to them. Creed plays very well his role as evil psychopath. his gaze was a bit scared sometimes. Finally, everybody knows that the real villain is more in shadow. It's a great story and the fighting is very good.

    More Shoujo romance drama psychologic fantastic comic:

    Kare Kano, Fruit Basket, Ouran Host Club, Peach girl, Nana, Paradise Kiss, Bara no tameni, Marmelade boy, Ghost hunt, Vampire Knight,Tokimeki Memorial, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Witch Hunter are supeb and very great.

    Watch Absolutely

    * Currently, I am fully on D Gray Man and I find the anime and manga super.
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    Have you seen "Kiba" and "Trinity blood"?
    when did you think ?

    I liked Kiba it's a superb manga, Zedd is very Kawaii. Anime is full action.

    Trinity Blood is great, i loved and Abel Nightlord, very well. Lots of vampire and action.

    when is it next Saison of Trinity Blood ??

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    As I am easy to be entertained, I like many. But most just now...
    -Angel Heart
    -Aqua + Aria
    -Battle Angel Alita + Last Order
    -Excel Saga
    -Ghost in the Shell
    -Gunsmith Cats
    -King of Thorns
    -Naru Taru
    -Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind
    -Ozanari Dungeon
    -Record of Lodoss War (all series)
    -Vinland saga
    -Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
    -Wings of Vendemiaire

    -Angel Heart
    -Appleseed (the two new ones)
    -Azumanga Daioh
    -Blood: The last Vampire
    -Excel Saga
    -Ghost in the Shell SAC 1-2
    -Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind
    -Record of Lodoss War (first series)
    -Saber Marionette R
    -Saiunkoku Monogatari
    -Seirei no moribito/Guardian of the Sacred Spirit
    -Sketchbook (prefer manga)
    -Witch Hunter Robin

    I guess some of them, like Blame! or Naru Taru have an disappointing end though.
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    Hajime no Ippo of coz!!! =D

    I think both the anime and manga are great =)




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