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    Default Psyren and time travel

    k, i took a philosophy class about a year ago and one of our topics was Time travel. Now, where this gets tricky, is the thought behind the results of time traveling.

    What happens if a person is to time travel, will his future change, or is it destined to remain the same? This might sound dumb, but when i watched DBZ and the Trunks saga came around, i started thinking sort of hard about this.

    In DBZ, when Trunks arrives from the future to foretell about the androids and goes back to his current time, i thought to my self shouldn't everything be completely different since he told them about the androids and traveled back to his own time period.

    But when he came back (Two Years later of the current time period) he was no different. The changes hadn't been made to his current time. He then learned that, changing the past only splits the future. Now he had created two alternate universes in which in one he foretells the coming of the androids to the DBZ crew and their future changes and his regular future where nothing has changed.

    So that's theory 1, how you can't change the future.

    Theory 2, i'll use the movie the Time Machine. In this movie, the main character tries to change the past, he wants to save his wife from dying. However even though he manages to save her, destiny always catches up to her and she'll die anyway. In this theory though, the universe doesn't split. However this theory means that what is destined to happen will happen regardless of anything interference.

    The last theory is probably the one which we're all most accustomed to due to "Back to the Future." In this theory, you can change the past and it will result in changes in the present or future.

    What really impressed me with the way they handled the time travel in Back to the future was that they took attention to detail. When Michael J. Fox's character was going on a date with is own mother, he could literally see the changes to his current time through the picture he had of his family. They went even further by even his limbs start to disappear real time due to him changing his future.

    Now, i started this thread because i'm reading Psyren. I don't want to ruin it, but i'm going to have to post spoilers due to the nature of this thread.

    The main characters of this series are thrown into the distant future which is a barren wasteland without knowing it. They're meant to accomplish goals in this future time to return to their present time.

    Now as the story goes on, They find out that the future is a barren wasteland due to events that will take place several months from their current time.

    What strikes me here is that the writer so far hasn't picked a theory to base this off of. Then again, the manga is only 53 chapters in. But once they go back to the present, their focused on finding the culprits who are responsible for the future events.

    What gets me here is that, every so often their thrown into the future again by a force named Nemesis Q. However the future is exactly how it was when they were first thrown into it. It's still a barren wasteland.

    However our main characters have been getting stronger and are still on the hunt in the present time for the culprits who destroy the future. How come when they go back to the future, the future isn't different? Shouldn't their knowledge of the future and their quest to change the future, affected the future?

    Or is it that, their quest to change the future has resulted to the future's current state? It's very hard to say because at the moment the "manga" is still continuing and we haven't been revealed everything yet.

    What i really want to know, is where our are heroes when "the wise" attack? Because they now know of the future events, how do the events play out now?
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    Didn't Newton say time was the fourth dimension or something like that. Well he was wrong, it's proven that time is not a dimension of sorts it is more of stream, also theoretical. When Newton died he just had to say some jibberish.

    Why did give this random fact? Cause this question is very pointless. The author has the freedom of creativity, he can cause time to flow back and forth with no disturbances or with pink elephants for all he cares. Sometimes some things are better left unanswered and enjoyed instead. Subjects like time is just a waste of time. in my opinion.

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    Its a paradox, if you time travel from the future to change the past that required you to make the jump, then surely in the new future the time jump wouldn't have been needed and the past would therefore remain unchanged.




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