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    ^ someone translate that? Seems like an ad to me. Didn't check the links yet.

    To be honest I think violent video games, extreme horror movies (i.e saw), tv shows, books, and violent and mature manga do attribute to the cause of increased violence.

    Well manga is less of a factor than the others, because they are more mainstream. I do believe only a small percentage of people actually read managa in NA or other countires besides Japan, S. Korean, etc... So manga statistically has less influence. However manga carriers some extreme traits that novels and tv shows don't. Such as depicting the various exploitation of human body and limits , and the images of bodily organs and such spilling out. Much more graphic of its depiction of violence, even realistic to a sense. I don't name some mature manga now do I?

    Kids are still mostly effected by what's around them the most at a young age. There are some people that take their 6 years old to go watch movies like saw and even Borat( I know cause I've seen them there). As the increase influence of violence in almost any media stream, don't you think that it also attributes to the increase of violence in urban cities and such.

    Now I'm not saying that manga or violent tv shows are the only cause to a person's desire to violence. Nor am I gonna say censor anything. I'm just trying to say it's all an attribute. I don't have any knowledge of anybody imitating characters like Kira. But in the end, the kid look manga and Death Note in particular as some kind of solace. Is it the manga's fault, or is it his parents or his peers or even his own mental state. Does he have a chemical imbalance? Not known for sure of any of that. But fact is the kid did take the context from the manga and used it for his own purpose. Emulating things that we have read or watched is a common factor to psychopaths and the mentally unstable. So really even if manga didn't persay made the kid commit murders, if it was not there, the kid might have found another viable source. In the end, however, Death Note was used, and has in fact become an influence of its own to the murder.

    p.s Really don't let kids of the ages 12 and under watch or play anything that is extremely violence or grotesque. Before they have an opportunity to shape and differentiate between the differences reality and story. A child's mind is really an incubator that intakes everything, and if there isn't enough onset of reasoning of care. Violence can take root as a subconscious act of normality.
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    I don't want to spell this out. But you're no journalist.
    Something as abstract as hypothetical <manga/book/musiccd/movie/radiobroadcast/etc> content related to a murder case with unknown circumstances and details? Oh please.
    No Pulitzer Prize for you mister.


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    I really love this "do _____ (photography/cinema/television/comics/video games/internet/manga/anime) lead to _____ (loss of soul/disposition to violence/social isolation)" discussions.
    But they are pointless.
    The only people seriously talking about that nonsense, are journalists, politicians (if an election is close), and uneducated worried parents.

    I also have to do with these problems (disposition to violence, social isolation) in my studies. But I never had a prof neither in a psychological nor in a sociological field who was blaming any new media for these problems.(at least not as the core of the problem)

    I think if somebody wants to argument with the new media as scapegoat he/she will always lose, as there is no approved evidence (so far) to support such theses.

    But I really wonder... What is the point of this question anyway?
    Asking about baseless theories in a forum that is bound to neglect and refuse their basic statement...
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