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    Default Have you ever regretted watching certain "H" anime?

    Lets all be honest, we all seen it, either a little or full.

    So have ever regret watching certain H anime you wish you didn't watch in the first place? I have,(Oh the painful memories!) becoz of this, i'm now careful of watching what H anime in the first place to make sure my mind is never scared so terribly ever again.

    In a related note, i have something i wish to say to the people who made mind-scaring H-anime:

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!! ARE U SICK OR SOMETHING!!! WAT STUPID IDEA MADE YOU THINK A WOMAN SHOULD BE (CENSORED FOR YOUR PROTECTIONx50)!!! I hope you freaks suffer terribly for making such terrible horrid anime that insults women & sex in the first place!! GET AWAY YOU DISGUSTING SCUM AWAY!!!!

    Sorry, i just had to let it all go.

    Ahem... so how about you?

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    arafett745 is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    wow you are really pissed off....i can understand that i also 'accidently' watched this H-anime that i shouldn't to say these words yuck if i see these kind of creator i will and says you @$$hole

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    Ferozban is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    LOL with posts like this you just trigger the excat opposite effect you try to appeal.

    to make sure my mind is never scared so terribly ever again.
    after reading this i'm am very curious about that anime that is SOOOO shocking.
    request the name^^

    either way you are just a little faint-hearted since you seem to not be inured to a some hard-edged stories OR this is truely the most fucked up storie a human can think of.

    i hardly think its the latter. (since the most fucked up story is allready written by uziga waita and yes this guy needs to be beaten to death) But i'm still curious. Not that i like that shit, but like i said posts like yours have the opposite effect.
    And i might have hopes that to much realism refering to human behaviour shocked you. (which is a centerpiece of stories i watch)

    also i guess you mean Mnemosyne, which is not really that shocking. its rather funny (for example the end of episode 4^^)
    mnemosyne is not to be taken seariously since its story is not that trapping and not well thought-out. its rather funny than shocking.
    so if you mean mnemosyne you are just a little faint-hearted.
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    _Vincent_ is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    How bad was it? Women getting raped then getting massacred or both at the same time?

    anyway if its that bad. you should have stopped watching it and just try something else. If you didn't like it because the story wasn't good. well most of them has a terrible plot anyway. ~_~"

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    Spurgu is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    In your pants. OO BOY


    "Have you ever regretted watching certain "H" anime?"


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    Urameshi-sama is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Yep, I have. Bible Black. Now I want to watch the rest of the offshoot series. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Yes. I once watched an episode of some generic harem anime because I was desperately hoping they weren't as bad as I'd always assumed them to be.

    Sadly, I was wrong, and it was worse. Now I want that twenty-five minutes of my life back, thankyouverymuch. To think of what I could be doing now, years later.

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    Dante Obscuri is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Sodom and Gomorrah - Cocytus


    I've got to admit it guys, I didn't like Hamtaro.

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    Zaephyr is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    Earth (a.k.a. Shitopia)


    Nah, it's hard for something to really disgust me or disturb me. I end up thinking it's a bit funny.
    Greetings earthlings.

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    pulp_chicken is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    I remember a certain movie called "Bondage Game" *shudders*
    Never ever.

    Some people are to sick for hell...


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